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Marines in Action

Chapter 1

“Korean Infiltration”

Korea: 1900 Hours
1st Platoon-Fox Company-1st Marine Division

"Advance, and never halt, for advancing is perfection. Advance and do not fear the thorns in the path, for they draw only corrupt blood."
-Kahlil Gibran-"The Visit of Wisdom"

It was a wet, dark night. The stench of the air was filtered with hot, musty dew. The battle was just beginning and the Marines were moving in. Slowly. The Korean guerrillas were unaware of this silent strike that was pursing them. But soon, they would realize that all civilization in their compound was going to be anything but peace and quiet. Meanwhile, the United States Marines were preparing for the Korean infiltration as they boarded upon the KC-130T transporting carrier deployed by the US Navy Aviation {USNA}.

“Okay men. You know this mission will not be all fun and games. This is the beginning of a war. It is unlike any of the missions we are normally assigned to. Soldiers, we are Marines, and we will always be Marines. Whether we die or not is up to you. I will give you enemy ordinance data and intelligence later,” Captain Clark exclaimed who was very serious in what he had just explained to his fellow soldiers of the 1st platoon, Fox Company, 1st Marine Division.

Shortly after, the Marines were aboard the transport carrier. It was loud and uncomfortable. Nobody liked it, but they learned to live with it. Some of them were veterans, and others, merely nothing but recruits assigned to this mission. But this was part of life for these men dedicated to protecting their country. As the flight moved on, the Captain began assigning mission plans to his soldiers.

“Soldiers. Now it’s time to have your mind set for battle. Don’t think about your family, friends, or what might happen tonight. It will only drag you down. Try thinking of us coming out of battle alive and victorious,” stated Clark who was trying to get his men set and ready for the beginning of this war that would have a very large impact.

“Captain Clark sir. I am ready for this. I have been ever since I signed my release forms. This is what I have been waiting for!” said Private Joey Chavez.

“That’s good Chavez. Now it’s time for mission plans. As you may already know, this infiltration will be in Korea. We will arrive at 1930 hours. Just recently Japanese government officials declined their resignation in co-operation with our country. Thus, the President declared war. In perspective, we, the United States Marine Corps, are in charge of making the first battle move. We are the most important people in the world right now. We will be doing a HALO {High Altitude Low Opening} jump into Korea here shortly. It is just like our training. Do as you were trained and use the techniques to your advantage,” Clark exclaimed very confident in the group of soldiers he was in command of.

“Equipment check,” yelled Lieutenant Johnson.
All of the soldiers began meticulously, and very closely examining their guns and equipment. One by one, they spoke to their commanding Lieutenant about the equipment they would need to carry out this mission.

“I have everything. But I could use some lube oil for my gun” stated the machine gunner, 3rd infantry battalion, Crpl. Davis who was decisively indigent with his M60 machine gun calibered with a 7.62 mm Tracer-Armor piercing rounds. “Make sure its the IS #5-67 oil. Cause my gun works best with that brand.”
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