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Crazy, am I?????

I was unsure of what I wanted, unaware of what awaited my fate, in the near future. Completely lost in my own, my very personal thoughts I was moving, moving at a good pace, headed straight towards that 'Dover's', here I have been so many times earlier, but it was different then.
Today, everything around was different, my heart stired, and knew not what was ahead. What I knew was all that something was very serious and urgent. Something as urgent as I cannot even guess the coz of my being called like this, at this unusual hour, when I am supposed to have been at 'Hamilton Technology, 5th floor, Astronomy Division', my work place, insteed of being here.
All through my 2hrs drive, I could never reach to any conclusion as to why am I required at this hour. Nelson has never before done anything of this type, at times I felt it all such a nuisance, and at other I was worried, for him. Like any other day I woke up depressed, for not having Nelson around, coz, as soon it was morning I had to face the brutal truth, while I would spend whole of my night dreaming of him, and feeling his warmth around.
As usual dressed up, arranged up my appartment before leaving for the rest of the day, skipped my breakfast and as I was about to board in the car, recieved this call. It was Nelson, his voice was not as calm as usual, he sounded panik-striken. All of a sudden at the very break of the dayhe needed me, he wanted me to reach his appartment, at the earliest. This was un-natural, and un-expected all together.
Moreover, I could not make out the reason, above all I had had an appointment with 'Reyana Iota', where I was supposed to produce my project, which was sort of a dream I have been living in since I joined, better to say grabed the opportunity to serve at 'Hamilton Technology', but yet I had excuses of all sorts for my absence, that was not supposed to be, for my asking for leave, that was never expected, which I knew would gie me a major set-back in professioanl career. But call from Nelson was above all, it was kind of "a call of god" to me. Nothing on earth except my death, can stop me from reaching him.
Mr. Paramere tried to show me reasons but it all fell to deaf ear. Nelson was my crazyness, and he was the one who gave me my dreams, my dreams of the project, my dream to serve at 'Hamilton Technology', he was the one who had built me up, such that I can realy grab the opportunity, now, when its he who calls me, how can I stop myself? How for the sake of the dreams those are his?
I was realy disturbed, and all this was going on in my mind, along with the thought why he might have called me. What made his voice so panik-striken.......
As I reached 'Dover's', and parked my car, something caught my attention. I nearly knew why I was called, I was real upset at Nelson's foolishness. I thought he shouldnt have called me here, should have only left the message. For once I thought of going back, but then I had a better reason to be produced to Mr. Paramere, for my leave, or so called absence.
I boarded in the tube, and as I reached the 23rd floor, I was left totaly shattered. Nelson was gaged up in his chair, and the people around(their badges said they were staff from the mental assylum) that the death of his wife has made him crazy. I had happily accepted Laura's death, but Nelson!!!!!
I now search for the answer to my questions, did he realy go crazy for her, then was he not palying a game with me, what about the dreams he nurtured in me, if he played then why did he want me to reach the sky.......
At times I feel, I should have acompanied him in the assylum, I dream of being with him their in the assylum, and may be this dream of mine will be fulfilled. I know I sound awafull, sound crazy, and its true that I am, Nelson was, is and will be my crazyness. I can never forgive myself for having druged Laura that night in the pub. Nelson tried it too, but not to kill her, only to make her mentaly disbalanced, she died her death peacefully, due to the drink she took from me, but left her mark upon my Nelson. Poor Nelson, he yet feels himself guilty of what he never deed, which led him to assylum. While I the murderer is raoming free, though my lose suffocates me ever......
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