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Someone to remember

  “Hey stranger, Rosalie said sweetly while Adam walked over towards her. 

  Adam didn't want to sit down in the exhale inched away from her, he wanted to lay down right beside her, and never let her go. He lifted the bed sheets, and the out his body into her hospital bed. He fixed her pillow, and then he fixed the sheets when he lied there properly next to her, so close he could feel her breathing. He wrapped his arms around her, and then struggled to say something when Rosalie’s head was under his chin. 

   “I know if you say something it's going to hurt me even more, but I'm done hurting,” Rosalie told Adam. 

   Rosalie exhaled. 

   “I’m never letting go,” Adam told her. 

   “No,” Rosalie cried softly. “You have to,” Rosalie finished. 

   Adam felt her shiver when she began to whimper and sob to herself. 

   “When you love someone you set them free...” Rosalie sounded as If she were asking him a question. 

   “I don't want to,” Adam whispered. 

   “I don't either...close your eyes,” Rosalie whispered. 

   Adam did as she asked. 

   When he opened them, he examined Rosalie. Her arms flat by her side, no longer holding onto him. Her face gently lying on her pillow. Her eyes closed, and her body motionless. He started to breath in and out heavily when he touched her pulse...nothing. His chest began to heave in and out whenever he looked at Rosalie again. 

   “No,” he whispered. “No. No...Oh please Rosalie,” he whispered. 

   “Open your eyes,” he whispered. “Please open your eyes, open your eyes Rosalie,” Adam mumbled. 

    Suddenly he felt himself freeze. Everything in his body began to tense up. Adam no longer had the strength to move. Adam hearing her last breath, feeling her last pulse on his chest...and finally feeling that Rosalie was gone. 

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