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First sight will never be the last

  “Water please,” she told the man.

  He smiled and then walked back towards the bench, where the water was. He quickly took the water, an then handed it towards her. 

   “Thank you,” she said kindly. 

   She handed him the money, an then he politely took it from his hands. He gave her, her change and then smiled. She looked at the one dollar bill, and then shoved it down the tip jar. She sighed and then opened the cap of the water. The man nodded his head thankfully, and then winked. 

   When she brought the nozzle of the water bottle to her mouth, she began to gulp down the water as if her life depended on it. 

   Suddenly, she felt her water splashing in her face; hen it did she lost balance. Unfocused, she tripped over her own two feet, but realized that something, or possibly someone was re cause of this. She grunted wheneer she fell on what was holding her back. Soon enough her water toopoes it off, it drenched her face, and then her clothes. 

   Rosalie frowned whenever she saw people around her snickering and denigrating at her. 

   Rosalie tried to help herself up, but she couldn't see beneath the water that was in her eyes. 

   “I’m so sorry,” the voice behind her called out.

   Everything was blurry for a quick second. 

   She didn't have time for sympathy. She was too embarrassed o realize who it was, when she blinked the water out of her eyes: she noticed a handsome man about her age standing in front of her. She smacked the sand off of her legs, and then tried to bring herself up. 

   “Here let me help you,” the mysterious voice offered. 

   His soft hands quickly brushed against gets. She sighed whenever his hands tightly locked onto hers. He pulled her up, and then let go. 

   “Thanks,” she said firmly. She didn't even realize how rude her tone was. 

   “Again, I’m so sorry. My friends and I were playing football, and I reached for a long...” 

   “I don't really care to hear the story on how I embarrassed myself in front of everyone,” she interrupted. 

   She didn't feel like listening tongue excuse. Once she finally recovered, she noticed that he looked more handsome then before. She caught her breath, and then shook off the rest of the sand on her shorts.

  “You have some on your forehead,” he told her. He smiled confidently, and then pointed to where the sand lied. She made a sour face, and then wiped the spot that he pointed to. 

  “I'm Adam,” he told her. When he held out his hand, she looked at him as If he was insane. The silence between them grew thick, which made them both nervous. 

   Adam ran his fingers though his hair when be glanced over at his friends. She looked in that direction, and then pressed her lips together. She stood up properly, and then folded her arms  across her chest; showing that she wasn't interested. 

  “I see you’re in a rush, so...” she stopped to turn around. 

   She felt his footsteps behind her. 

   “Wait,” he trailed off whenever he stopped. “What's your name?” He asked. 

   “Why?” Rosalie asked nervously. Feeling her heartbeats pick up, and her cheeks flushing she turned to the side. She felt we fee moving in front of her body when she go nervous. 

    “I just...” 

    “Just thought tag it would be typical for you to introduce yourself, and expect for me to say something back. Because, normal people find it friendly to say their names, and introduce themselves. But, what If you...” she stopped to reexamine him. “Adam, were a stalker, or pedophile. For all I know you could stalk me, and ten eventually kill me if you wanted to,” she finished her sentence very strongly, but when she saw Adam’s facial expression she quickly had regrets. 

   “Wow, you really thought that through. Well again I'm sorry, and I will try to be more careful next time,” he whispered. He started to back away, but Rosalie felt tempted. 

   “Next time?” She asked, now feeling nervous. 

   Adam smiled from the corner of his lips. His eyes had that sparkle to them whenever his teeth shined in front of her skin. She tried not to stare, but she found it utterly impossible not too. She couldn't resist his beautiful texture. His eyes were hazel, his hair short but long enough to hang in front of his forehead. His hai the same color of her own, hair. Adam liked his lips, and that only made Rosalie dizzy. When she looked in the other direction, she saw his friends in the background waving at him impatiently. 

   “You better go, your friends are calling...and my name is Rosalie,” she told him. 

   Adam seemed hesitant to rush over towards his friends, but whenever Rosalie began to  walk off, he had no choice but to.

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