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Devil City: Kane and Lana.

Devil city: Kane And Lana

By Cynthia Wilson
In Devil City it was pouring rain and a 7-foot tall figure came out of the Utopia ruins. All he was wearing was a black out fit that was sleeveless; on the front of it was a fire like design. His pants were of course the same. He also wore long black flat boots.
He was dark of face with a thin and bony nose and sharp, strong features. His long brown hair slightly curly was soaked through.
He had burn scars on his back shaped like a dragon.
He looked around carefully; he turned back and saw his sister Lana fast asleep. She really did look like their mother; her hair was like the midnight sky long but also curly like her brothers. Her eyes were shiny like the full moon, blue like the morning sky (If there wasn’t any smog).
He looked around outside once more and walked back into the ruins cave. Lana by this time stirred a little; she looked up at her brother.
“Kane, what were you doing?” She asked as she snuggled up a little closer to him “Nothing, just looking outside” he said. His voice was like a growl. “You know, mark is going to come for us,” said Lana she laid her head on his lap. Kane just nodded he was in his own deep thoughts at that moment.
Lana was right Mark was coming for them, when their brother Mark killed his mother he also tried to kill Lana. Kane had run in to safe his mom and sister he had managed to retrieve his baby sister but not with out scars to remind him. His mother died by the time he had gotten to her, he was only 12 when it all happened. His sister was only 9 years old. 10 years had passed since that time and they had been on the run for two of those years. In Devil city is was easy for a kid at 12 to get an apartment, weird thing was as long as you could pay then the owners really didn’t care. Kane had known this so was able to get him and Lana a place to stay. Kane was young but he was able to care for his sister and himself. He decided to become a street fighter. He was able to safe money and take care of Lana. What scared him was that he really he enjoyed hurting people. He knew it was because of his and Lana’s Father. Lana and Kane were both half-demons.
Kane looked down to notice his sister was now fast asleep on his lap. He leaned up against the wall of the cave and fell into a deep sleep.
Kane woke up a few hours later to a strange noise outside. He quickly got up to investigate; he had a strange feeling that something was wrong. He looked back at Lana to see if she was still asleep and went outside. He saw in the distance five men who all wore dark hoods and were armed with weapons. Kane growled it was Dark Raven’s (AKA Mark) men. Kane looked on this wasn’t good he and Lana had to leave now; he ran back in to the cave and woke her up.
“Lana, Lana! Wake up girl! We have to leave now,” he yelled to her. Lana woke up quickly and looked around, “Kane what is it, what’s wrong?” she asked. She got up and joined him. “Kane, those are Mark’s Men. How did they find us so quickly? We have to get out of here” She said when she looked out and saw the hooded Men. He looked at her with pain in his eyes, it was to late to run now, and the five hooded men were almost to the cave. He knew that he had to fight or he and Lana would be captured or worse.
“Listen to me very carefully when I go out and confront them, I want you to run over to the abandon building on Demon Street. It will only take you a few minutes to get there. They won’t notice you, I will distract them while you run.” He said. He put his huge leather jacket over her Lana looked at her big brother and said “You can’t fight them on your own Kane, they will kill you.”
“No they won’t, I am half demon I will be able to defend myself, now let’s go.”
Kane ran out a head, the first of the hooded men came toward Kane with a massive thrust; he had a huge curved sword that shined in the rain. Kane ducked out of the way and managed to gain a grip on the hooded man’s arm. He threw him down and kicked him square in the face before he was able to get up again, Kane grabbed the hooded man’s curved sword and chop his head clean off. Mean while Lana watched in horror as her brother fought the hooded men. She ran toward were Demon street was, as she ran in the cold wet rain she had a feeling someone was following her, at first she thought it was Kane. Lana soon realized that it was one of the hooded men, Lana screamed in terror. She cried out for her brother, “Kane, Kane!” as she struggled against the angered man she had managed with great difficulty to summon up her powers, large sparks of flashing light flew into the hooded man’s face. The hooded that covered him now was burned and revealed his true nature. He was a viper, eyes a piercing yellow he hissed in anger for being burned. He hit Lana across the face and knocked her unconscious, “Bitch, if I had my way I would kill you now. Thankfully for you, the lord Dark Raven has plans for you and your dear brother Kane,” he hissed disgustedly. He turned back and saw his comrades being thrown across the ground by Kane. He laughed to himself and picked up his prize. He and the unconscious Lana disappeared in a cloud of black smoke, all was heard was laughter from the evil Viper.
Kane knocked away another Hooded Man, he had heard Lana’s cries and was unable to get to her, one of the hooded men had revealed himself as another vicious snake and bit into Kane’s arm. It slowed him down a bit but he was still alert and able to defend himself. My demon blood must be helping me through the poison, I must get to Lana but I don’t see her. Where is she? Thought Kane. He collapsed on the ground and moved out of the way before another blow by the same hooded man came at him. He knew Lana must have used some of her powers he had seen a blinding light before he was bitten. He turned around quickly and saw that the Hooded Men had suddenly disappeared. He looked around and had a very cold feeling; all he could hear was his breathing and the rain pouring down. “Kane, my dear son. Seems you aren’t feeling to well and oh, look you have lost your beautiful little sister. Oh, well she was sweet little child no matter.” said a huge thundering voice. Kane knew whose voice this was, his father Paul Burner. He saw at once where is father was, a black cloud of mist came before. Kane growled with rage, he wanted to kill this fat pathetic bastard where he stood. A chucky looking man walked toward Kane. Paul wore a huge black over coat, and his black beady eyes looked on at his lumbering son Kane. Paul’s doughboy face had a huge smile full of sharp pointed yellow teeth. Kane growled and was ready to strike his huge fired up fist straight in his father’s face.
“I wouldn’t if I were you, unless you don’t want to see you sister again,” he said laughing
“Where is she you fat Bastard? If you have hurt her, I’ll hunt you down,” Kane cried. Paul laughed even louder, “Listen my son, she is unharmed at the moment. If you want her back you must do a task. Your brother wants a book called the Ambers of the light, you do know what this book is don’t you?” continued Paul. “Yes, it is the book of the dead, what does that have to do with me and Lana?” said Kane getting annoyed. “You get that book and Lana will be given back to you save and sound, if you don’t you will never see her again,” said Paul. Kane yelled with a high-pitched rage and grabbed Paul by the collar of his Jacket. “Were is she? Tell me now, I will…” Kane fell to his knees the poison was taking its toll, his demon could not hold out much longer. Paul calmly removed Kane’s hand from his collar and coldly said “Your dieing son, you won’t be to good to your dear sister if your dead, I will tell you that she is at my home. You will get to see her, but first let’s get you home and rested so you will be able to retrieve the book.” Before Kane knew what was happing a cloud of smoke was around him and he fell into a deep dreamless asleep.
End Of chapter One
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