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Fighting it

   Elizabeth splashed some cold water in her face, when she looked in the mirror. 

   Pull yourself together Elizabeth, she thought to herself. 

    She shut out the light, and then put her wash towel onto her drawer. 

    “Oh wow. Cute pjs,” Elizabeth heard. 

    Elizabeths smile quickly faded. 

    “What do you want Jesse?” Elizabeth growled. 

    “I don't get a ‘hi Jesse it's alway nice to see you’ attitude?” He asked factiously. 

    “I'm tired Jesse, it's been a long day,” Elizabeth groaned. 

    “I can tell. You being tired sort of bumps out your mood,” he told her. 

   Elizabeth ignored his ignorance. She walked over towards the side of her bed, and then sat on the edge. 

   Jesse was quick to follow. 

   “What's with you? Usually you are all peppy and annoying,” Jesse moaned. 

    “Sorry,” Elizabeth barked. 

    Elizabeth yawned and then held her pillow in her lap. 

    Jesse sighed and then took her blanket and wrapped it around her warm body. He could feel the warmth of her skin push against the coolness of his. Elizabeth slowly shriveled whenever Jesse hovered over her. 

    When Elizabeth frowned Jesse winked. 

    “I'm capable of doing nice things ya know?” He wiggled his eyebrows when Elizabeth rolled her eyes. 

    “I never said you weren't,” Elizabeth mumbled. 

    “Go to sleep. Your irritating me,” Jesse murmured.


    “Jesse your here,” Elizabeth mumbled. 

    “Yea I am aren't I?” He asked. 

    “Did you stay here all night?” Elizabeth asked. 

    Jesse shrugged and then exhaled when he heard her radio playing. 

    “I like this song,” she brokenly whispered. 

    Two seconds, was all it took to get her on her balcony. Elizabeth was in his arms, and they were both swaying back and forth. 

  Elizabeths hands wrapped around his neck slowly. 

  “Wow,” she whispered. 

  “Been living for three hundred years, you would at least think I know how to dance,” Jesse told her. 

  “Jeremy told me about your feeding,” Elizabeth blurted out. 

  “Figured he would. Well. Now I don't have to try and keep it from you. Or I could compel you,” Jesse wiggled his eyebrows and then smiled. 

  “This isn't a joke Jesse,” Elizabeth moaned. 

  “Really? I found it quite funny,” he told her. 

  “Its like every human irritates you,” Elizabeth said while poking his chest. 

  “Not all humans irritate me,” he answered while running his knuckles down her blouse. 

  Jesse wiggled his eyebrows and then smiled. He spun her around, and then swayed to the music. 

  “Your not all that bad Jesse. You can be nice when you want to be. Your soft,” she told him. 

  “Oh I'm not. You do know that I killed more people then you, your father, Jeremy and your dead mother have ever even seen put together,” Jesse growled. 

   “Okay. That one hurt,” Elizabeth brokenly whispered. 

   “I can take it back if you want me to,” Jesse said bluntly. 

   “No. I deserved it,” she whispered. 

   “You probably did,” Jesse told her. 

   “I'm sorry,” she mumbled. 

   “For?” He asked. 

   Elizabeth came to a complete stop. 

   “Hurting you. Letting you think that Vanessa was dead. Leaving you. Blaming you for my mothers death. Everything.” She frowned when Jesse took both of her hands. 

   “I don't do sorries,” he told her. 

   Jesse spun her around again, and then swayed with her. Nothing bothered them to break the silence, because for once they enjoyed it. Needed it. 



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