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My True Lover

I had just returned form Yorkshire, frustrated and depressed. I had resigned my then last job, at 'Phobos Cosmica', returned to the town where my parrents stayed. Had a separation case sued against my spouse, to add to it all this, I was supposed to stay in my own house which I had inherited from my mother's side, till I got a new job. This house ever haunted me, first of all I hated this small town, and above all I hated this house.
I would regularly skip my meals, barely eat enough to somehow hold my strature together, and neglect myself in all possible ways. I would not attend the court, rather ask my attorney to submmit a sick certificate as a reason for my absence. I had no friends, nor any relative, whom I could trust, or share my woes with. I was a true "solitary reaper" then.
I would often go to the cyber cafe which was situated just out of the town. This place was quite issolated, from the curious people of the town, who needed no specific reason to stare at someone, and to show their curiosity to know all about other's personal lives.
I would often be here, to apply for a new job, and it also gave me pleasure of a sort for two reasons, first its being out of town, and next it gave me an opportunity to drive for an hour. I have ever enjoyed driving since I have got my driver's licence. Other than driving what I enjoyed more was to have fun in water, I just loved water. When I was a kid my father would often tease me by saying that I was not born to my mother, but I was found swiming in the river, and was born to the river.
But now when I have grown up I feel good at the thought of being the child of water, though I know its not true, still the tought pleases me.
Along with the passage of time I was getting bitter and more bitter at heart. I had started to visit a doctor, to over come the depression, at times I felt totaly worthless. I started to get suicidal thoughts as well. But then from behind the mist he arrived like a ray of sun, suddenly.
It all happened in such a way that it seems like a dream to me, whenever I think over. Whenever those days come to my mind, I feel as if I am dreaming yet. As he entered my life he changed it completely, he made me feel worthy, the warmth of his presence was very soothing. I stoped going to the doctor, somehow I had started to love this house, which earlier use to haunt me, his presence in the house made it feel so homely, so nice.
All was going well, when I got the appointment letter. I wished to stay back, but he would not let me do so, so at last I had to packup and leave for Detroit. I hated everything there, because I missed him, I would call him up every next day, and would try to make him see reasons to let me be back at the town, with him. He would listen to everything, calmly but then atlast disagree with my thought of being back. Slowly I too started to like my new job, my office, home, the city, the streets and all about the place, except the lonelyness that would catch me up as soon as I would leave the office.
Even my calling him up has reduced, I had other things to do, moreover he wouldnot call me up, I would wait for his call for days, and then being tired of waiting I would call him. He always had well made excuses for his not calling me up. It all went well, I bought an appartment, so that he can shift with me, so that we can start our family. Atleast that was what I thought when I thought about him.
I knew he loved me, and that I loved him the most in my life. I knew he would be happy when he would know what I had in my mind for us, I knew we would make the best of couples, I knew he meant the world to me, and that he knew what he was to me. The only thing I never knew was, what awaited me when I went back to the town, during the vaccation.
Christmas was close, I was looking forward to the vaccation. I had everything arranged, everything including our appartment, a wedding date, a hall for the wedding reception, all. I never informewd him about my vaccation, I wished to give him a surprise. I had finished my shopping, and had brought a black 'trench coat' for him, he was passionate about them, and there in the town these were not available in such wonderful cuts. So I had three surprises for him, first my arrival, second the coat, and third our wedding. I boarded the flight, my mind was flying high, I was just day dreaming. I felt so good, so happy was I. I couldnt imagine its all being true. I kept thinking I am the happiest person in this world. Anaware of what was there in my luck's store next.
I took a cab back home. I had been planing long for this vaccation, so I decided to freshen up, take rest, and meet him in the evening. It was evening when we first met.
I went to his place in the evening only to find all locked up, I was a bit surprised, coz just the earlier day I called him up, and he never told me that he wont be in the town. I went back, feeling so lonely. I was feeling as lonely as to have called him up at midnight, to my surprise he was there, I talked to him, and told him that I was in the town, on vaccation. Then at last I decided to visit him at that hour of the night, but when I reached there, the door was locked. I felt frustrated, I thought he was avoiding me, neglecting me, on purpose. The next morning I drove back and this time when I saw his door locked yet, I enquired for his whereabouts. To my utter surprise, I was told something which detached me from this town forever.
I was told that when he was returning from the airport, the day I left for Detroit, he met with an accident, and succumbed to his injuries. I could not belive this because I was continuosly interacting with him, even the day before I had had a conversation with him over the phone. I went to his sister's place, and she confirmed the truth, she took me to his grave. This left me shocked, but I never again felt lonely, I know he is there always with me.
Its only that we could not go through the wedding rituals, nor could throw a party, but since that day we stay together, in our appartment. We have a family, of two of us, no one knows, or understands, but I cannot denny this truth. He is there beside me ever.
Even now, he is here, its not me alone, but we who is letting the world know the truth. Its our love that has gone eternal. Some day even I will die, but our love will remain forever.

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