Stories By: Marion Patton

To Marry a Gunfighter: A Western Romance Marion Patton Homepage
Ann West Quarll had found her soul mate, a man she could love and live with the rest of her life. But this handsome, brave, and loving man had been a bounty hunter and she was terrified that his past might catch up with him. Men had tried to kill him before and she knew what it was like to see a lover die in a gunfight. If she risked giving her heart again and would it again be broken? Could she find the courage to take that risk? She had a terrible decision to make.
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The Green Parrot Gunfight Marion Patton Homepage
Snakeskin McMurtry hated killing, but the Thumpsow brothers had killed David Lant after Snakeskin had promised Lant protection. He couldn’t let that go. Trouble was, he would have no chance against those two stone killers. Before he had time to plan, here they came. He had to think very fast.
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