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Loving Death Arianne White Homepage
For every grim reapers... I Reide Black am warning you this: Never ever look a mortal in the eye or worst right through her soul because you don't want to die when your already dead... Yep, I died twice. How? That's for you to find out. Just keep my advice in mind bro's or you'll be in big trouble.... Two, if a mortal wants to die....grant it to her, or you'll regret letting her live Three, never ever take off your hood and cloak! That's one of the basic rules that you should never ever break or else you'll face terrible consequences... Thats it.... Now any questions? Dean: Tell them what happen to you.. Reide: Just read the story... See you in the underworld everyone!
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A Year in Hell WHiTE Homepage
A rewrite of sorts of Sean Murata’s happy little story, "The Four Seasons of Love," a short story of two lovers riding down a stream on a leaf as the seasons change, which could also be interpreted as the ever-changing mood of love. I personally thought it too 'sunshiny' and happy. I intend to bring it over to the darker side of nature; to Hell.
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A Time for Everything WHiTE Homepage
The continuing story of Hardale Insane Asylum escapee, Jack Rage. He's stumbled upon a celebration dedicated to former orphans.. and unleashes his rage upon it. However, someone slips between the cracks, and that is something he can not tolerate.
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The Sound Karl White Homepage
A poem about jazz music and what it means to me
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