Guilty of the Crime | By: Paula F. Nuckolls | | Category: lyric - Other Type Song Bookmark and Share

Guilty of the Crime

she's the picture in my mine, she's the one I left behind.
What more can I say, I just didn't want to stay.
I know that I'm guilty of breaking her heart,but loving her
was a crime right from the very start

I didn't want to hurt her, Lord knows I tryed, to tell her I don't
love her, but I only made her cry. When I up and left her she begged
me to stay.I told her to forget me, And not throw her life away

She said we could be happy, if only I'd try to remember the love we
had and not let it die, but the love is dead and gone, and has been
for some time, and I didn't want to her her, but I'm guilty of the
crime,no I didn't want to hurt her, but I'm guilty of the crime
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