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JAWS The Beginning

Georgia beach early morning,flock of seagulls yelping and eating fish gutting being washed ashore from small gutting shack at end of wooden pier.Sea Resort has ordered a Great White shark packed in ice and shipped there for gutting,then returned to ship for delivery to taxidermist.During gutting process baby Great White falls into ocean.There's a stream nearby that flows to and from a spring,depending on tide.Baby great white flows downstream into spring.Spring approximately 40yd across,90ft deep,with cave at bottom that leads to ocean.Gutting shack gets cited for dumping in ocean and starts dumping in spring.Bikers visit spring for weed harvest,shark is good natured.Shark whirlpools spring,does breaches and has two dreams inspired by dumped jugs of protein.Eventually gutting shack condemned,Great White leaves through cave chasing Hammer Head shark,views stuffed mother at Sea Resort,belly flops on gutting shack,follows gulf stream north to original JAWS beach party location,passing channel marker with fin up.

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