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I thought this was America?!

So,  a couple days ago after a day of hard workin' and a night of even harder drinkin',  I got into a little altercation down at the 7-11.  I stumbled in,  selected my taquitos,  stepped to the counter and paid the friendly clerk.  Thats about the time things turned to shit!  while ringin' me up this clerk asks me,  "would you like to donate your change to charity?" as she pointed to a slotted plastic box filled with change,  with a sign stickin' out the top.  I attempted to read this sign,  but i was too hammered to make it out.  So i looked at the picture instead.  What i saw was a bunch of sickly lookin' kids with shaved heads,  and i flipped the fuck out!  I responded to this clerk,  "what kinda scam you runnin'?  tryin' to get me to give up my hard earned American pennies to some bullshit skin head Nazi youth organization?!".  Before she could respond,  I grabbed the damn box and said,  "THIS ONE'S FOR AMERICA!!" as I sent it crashing into the floor,  shatterring it,   change flying every which way.  I stood there for a moment with my fists in the air,  lookin' and feelin' like the Ultimate Warrior did right after he defeated Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania 6.  Now this next moment I did not see coming,  as a police officer who I was unaware of in the store sent my face crashing into the floor.  I was cuffed and taken away.  For what?!  Defending the honor of the red white and blue?  I thought this was America?

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