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What is Your Name?

Far away you could catch sight of the red lights of the “Mingus” bar; it was getting dark, Mallory walked faster. But he had bad luck. A deafening whistle had almost broken his eardrums. Something fell from the sky, stirring the red dust on the pavement. Mallory was suddenly thrown at the ground. For a moment, he thought he was run over by a vehicle and that he died. He surely got in that Universe that was just preparing to devour the other two which...
“Hands on the wall! Separate your legs! Don’t turn the head!” Mallory shouts for all contingencies, shooting with his silver revolver the dust cloud that started to scatter.
In front of him appeared a two meters height boiler, transparent, with many buttons and handles arranged after a certain plan on the whole surface. In the superior part, Mallory saw a bold silver skull, during the draining of a mauve gas into the atmosphere at the inferior part. One of the buttons twisted and through its hole sprang a warm oil spurt mixed up with Diesel oil. Mallory’s just polished shoes became dirty very soon. Mallory watched desperately his shoes and then the shouted:
“I know, you want to enter that Universe which is tangent to the others that will be devoured and that...”
“I’m looking for God!” said the fellow who fell from the sky.
Mallory remained silent, puzzled. It was something new. Impressive. Mallory put his revolver in its place and said stammering:
“Of course, God, yes, yes...”
“Those Universes make a labyrinth that is always changing its form...”
“Yes, yes, I know!” Mallory lied flushing.
“Who solves the labyrinth finds God.”
“It’s natural!” Mallory mumbled.
“I hope you understand that it’s about an “n” sizes labyrinth!”
“I find it normal!” Mallory shouted, feeling how his blood is ascending through his head. “I suppose it’s quite difficult. I mean it’s not just a trinket. You must have exercise. And then you wrap yourself on your double negative. The corkscrew effect.”
“It’s like this, isn’t it?”
“What do you mean?” asked the fellow.
“The corkscrew effect.”
“Of course.”
Then Mallory found out that the transparent boiler was in fact a machine that drills the space and the time. Earth excellent achievement in technology of the year 2010.
“I suppose this is very fascinating, isn’t it?” asked Mallory scratching his nape. “It’s terrible, isn’t it? To travel like that, without stopping, through space and time!”
“It’s awful! You don’t even imagine. Your nose it’s bleeding, you’re loosing your memory, you risk suddenly to change your genetic code, you can even become blind. But I must do it.”
“Yes, yes, you’re right!” thought Mallory pursing up his lips.
“I mean you must do it!”
Mallory thought to run away, to let alone that man fell who from the sky. Although his curiousity made him stay. Maybe he wasn’t a crazy fellow! He asked:
“What is your name again?!”
“Adam who?!”
“Just Adam.”
“Of course.”
Mallory breathed noisly. He said:
“What do you mean by “and”?!”
“Did you get any sign?!”
“What sign?”
“From God!” broke out Mallory.
What was so hard to understand?! Mallory thought that a man that looks for God to be, much more...Puah! Which was the way?! Let’s wait for God-the Father to save us or the secret was the selfsalvation?! Where was he in that moment, where, oh God?! the way to him was an initiator road?! Was it burden, torture?! Through pain you could reach the Revelation?! What was the labyrinth which this fellow, Adam, was talking about?! A try?! God was hiding from people?! But did he really exist?! Or maybe He died?! Why?!
“Mister”, asked Mallory, with half a voice, “who created God?!”
“What do you mean by “who”?!” wondered Adam-the-sky-feller. “God himself! Everybody knows!”
“Yes, of course”, mumbled Mallory flushing of shame.
“This thing is possible in a space with “n” sizes. Although for the common understanding but isn’t aloud this extrordinary idea!”
“Yes, of course”, grumbled Mallory.
“You were speaking about the sign!” said Adam-the sky feller. “I still haven’t found it. But maybe the simple fact that I can cross as I wish the Time’s Gates it’s a sign. I admit, I met some blind alleys. But I am not giving up. “But tell me, what are you hoping?!”
“What do you mean?!”
“Supposing that you find God, what would you ask Him?”
“Don’t be naïve, I will be asked!”
Mallory didn’t expect such an answer. What could God ask him, a poor policeman from Monte Carlito?! He didn’t even want to think about it. To God must get only guys that have something to say. Deep things. To tell about trials, about immortal work, about magnificent evolutions. But him? To complain that a whole life he beated little bitches and cads?! That he poured so many leads in some scoundrels’s asses?! Oh, no! God’s ears wouldn’t take this! And Mallory asked himself if He really had ears or the sounds and the images weren’t somehow entering directly through Him through the magnetic film that was protecting , no doubt, the primary-energetic-foundation.
“But something weird is happening here!” shouted Adam-the sky-feller.
“It always happens!” Mallory assured him.
“I feel that this Universe is decomposing!”
“It is natural! Of course it is if it is going to be gulped over by the Universe tangent to it!” explained Mallory flushing of joy that he could explain correctly the appropriate cosmic event.
“Isn’t it Riff To Rag’s fault?!” asked Adam–the-sky-feller.
“That sly?! No, I don’t think so!” Mallory thought.
“I met him twice!” shouted Adam-the-sky-feller. In Arizona desert and on the bottom of Atlanticus ocean. In the past and in the future! It’s a really odd character!
“This I’m going to find very soon!” boasted Mallory. “Right now I’m going to arrest him!”

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