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The Homeless Factory

                                                             The Homeless Factory


                                                     As I looked out of the bus window

                                               I saw a few gentlemen run to catch the bus.

                                          They descended the front steps of a tall concrete building

                                                Puffs of cold breaths betrayed the sunny day-

                                          They wrapped their designer scarves around their necks.

                                          They snugged up their overcoats as the biting wind blew.

                                                     It was the last shopping day before Christmas.

                                                     They smiled in that cofident way

                                                     The pay cheques in their suit jackets cheered them.


                                                 At the bottom of the stairs to the building close to the bus stop-

                                           there lay a man,his head skew-jawed as he had earlier propped himself

                                           against the stair's granite wall;a cardboard box for a chair.


                                                      His beggar's cup fell from his frozen hand...

                                                      His tattered parka and shaggy toque had frost and ice on them.

                                                      He had just passed away to a warmer,more hospitible climate.

                                            "Damn bums! Someone should do something about this." said one of the

                                              business men as he stepped over him not knowing or noticing that he was

                                              here no longer. There were no puffs of st

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