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The EvilScar Face

“ You will pay for this, there is no running now Gau!” screamed Scar Face. Scar Face attacked Gau first to the head second to the body and then a mystical wave of electronic energy hit Gau in the chest. Gau fell unconsciously to the ground.

“Noooooooo!!!” Shouted Ella “You will pay for this Scar Face in more ways than one”.

“ How can you stop me Ella your strength is no match for mine now I am stronger wiser and more powerful than ever before, you have no chance, muhahahahahaha”. Laughed Scar Face.

2 years had passed now, since The attack on Gau ,and Ella was sitting by Gau’s parents graves just as she does every year, but this year was very different, she was looking down onto Gau’s grave as well.

Ella sat up straight and said. “I am so sorry Gau for not being able to help you, I feel it’s all my fault, I would rather me die than you, but I promise before I die I will avenge your death, and lead an attack on Scar Face.”

That night Ella was practising her fighting when the door blew open, peering through the doorframe was no other that Scar Face himself.

“I’ve got you now Scar Face” Ella cried.

“ No, the only way you are going to fight me is at the shadow skill tournament next month, until then farewell muhahahahahaha.” laughed Scar Face.

The next few weeks, Ella trained and trained and trained with nothing else in her mind, just the angry grudge she held against Scar Face.

In the mornings she went running for hours until the afternoon, and then in the afternoon she would practice her fighting until the early hours of the morning. Finally the night before the shadow skill tournament had come.

Ella was up bright and early, her mind fixed on the fight against Scar Face, nothing else mattered to her, she didn’t care if she died, all she wanted to do is continue with which she promised Gau, to avenge his death. The tournament had begun and Ella watched closely as her fight was drawing nearer and nearer 3 matches to go…2 matches to go.. 1 match to go…. , finally her time was here.

Ella slowly entered the area, with fierce passion in her eyes, as Scar Face also entered the arena. No words were spoken between the two of them everything was very tense. The match had started, both movin round the circle slowly and Ella leaped with a thundering kick which made Scar Face stumble. Scar face countered with an almighty blow to Ella’s chest leaving her on the ground, Scar Face hit her again with a punch and again with a kick. “hahaaha you fool, you are no match for me” shouted Scar Face. Ella looking perished in the eyes, had visions from when Gau fought Scar Face and exactly what she said to him. Ella’s eyes now wide with anger leaped towards Scar Face with an almighty scream “argggghhhhhhhh” Ella struck Scar Face across the face then across the legs leaving Scar Face to the ground . Ella knew she could end it here, but how would she finish him off? Ella cleansed her fists together and forced a magnificent ball of fire from her shadow skill gloves. The ball of fire hit Scar Face right into his body, Scar Face was left burning to the ground.

“Burn in hell Scar Face” she said as she spat where he lay. Her promise to Gau was completed and so was her vengeance, the question is what lies in store for Ella now!!!?!!!
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