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The Unexpected

The Unexpected

A few months had passed since Ella’s extraordinary fight against Scar Face.. A friendship that was together so long was ended so quickly. Anyway since then Ella had so many thoughts and feelings in her mind, she couldn’t get over that Gau wasn’t with her no more something was missing from her travels and that was company.

Later that night Ella was sitting in a local bar having her favourite drink when the door suddenly opened wide and there was Ella’s old friend Therox.
“Therox, is that really you?” cried Ella.
“Ella.. Why yes it is.. I can’t believe it, its’ been ten years.” said Therox.
“Yes” Ella replied.
For hours an hours Ella and Therox were just talking about the old times and what they’ve both been up to over the years. The bar was about to close so they promised they’d both meet up tomorrow at the local riverside. They said good bye to each other and slipped away into the darkness of the night.

The following morning Ella woke up, got dressed and ran out of the door, she was going to meet up with Therox for the day. As Ella approached Therox she could see him talking to a strange looking man who quickly ran away. “Good morning” said Therox
“Who was that you were talking to?” Ella questioned.
“That? Erm.. No one just a homeless guy” replied Therox suspiciously.
“Anyway what we gonna do today?” Ella asked
“Well I thought we could go down to the woods for a walk” obliged Therox.
“ok” Ella replied.

Ella and Therox were walking through the woods chatting and looking at the animals around them. Until suddenly there was a huge thud and again and again. “What was that” Therox said
“I dunno let’s go check it out”. Ella said promptly
By the time Ella and Therox got there it was to late, a gigantic monster was attacking a small village. Ella soon got involved with the action.
“Hey , you” Ella screamed. The monster just looked at Ella and turned away.
“Do you know you it’s bad manners not to look at the person that’s talking to you?” Ella said, and jumped in the air and attacked the creature with an almighty kick. Mean while Therox slipped through the trees and disappeared.
“arrrgggghhhh” screamed the monster. As Ella attacked it again leaving its head off it’s body with blood flying everywhere, that’s the way Ella likes to deal with things. Ella looked around and couldn’t see Therox anywhere so she thought nothing of it and retuned to her home.
As Ella closed the door behind her she was greeted with a warm smell of hot food and candles. “What’s this” Ella asked
“It’s dinner for you” replied Therox. As they were eating there dinner Ella asked “ Why did you disappear today”
Therox didn’t answer her instead he lent over the table and kissed Ella softly on the lips as Ella did the same back. Ella and Therox disappeared into the her room where they spent the night together.
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