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Just a Part of Life

My parents always told me that I am smart. I guess things are easy to learn. I started to talk when I was one and a half and since then I have learned so much. I guess you could say that I am really mature for my age which by the way, is six and three quarters. I turn seven in three months. My mom told me I can have anything I want, but Iím not sure what Iím gonna ask for. They have been buying me a lot of stuff since my grandpa died a few weeks ago.
It made me sad when he died but itís okay, I know heís in heaven with Jesus and all my other relatives and other good people. My parents told me that dying is totally normal, itís a part of life. I understand this and so did my parents so we didnít really have a problem. I know that people die at certain times like when they are ready for it. Well now me and my mom and dad and older brother and sister are at Disneyland. Iím not sure why we came here but Iím happy we did. Weíre staying at the Disneyland Hotel. Itís really nice, we get two beds and thereís a arcade and everything. Weíre on the eighth floor, way high up and we can see the pool, and itís awesome.
My sister and I are the same age because weíre twins. Thatís right the same birthday and everything, June 6th. We spend a lot of time together but she isnít as smart as me though. She cried a lot more when grandpa died, I tried to tell her that heís with Jesus now but she has a hard time listening. I guess she doesnít know that dying is a part of life.
My brother is almost eighteen years old now, he doesnít really like my parents. They always argue all the time, Iím not sure about what, but they sure do argue and fight. My brother and my dad wrestle all the time and Peter gets a black eye and a bloody nose. I donít see him for a while after they wrestle. My brother says itís hard for him to live with my parents. Iím not sure why. I guess he doesnítí like being around my dad. When I asked my parents why they fight and scream at Peter, they just say that itís a part of life. I guess itís just like how dying is a part of life.
I remember another time when back home when my dad and brother were yelling at each other. My dad said, ďWhat the HE double hockey sticks is wrong with you?Ē He actually said the real word but Iím not supposed to say bad words or else Iíll get my mouth washed out with soap. Then my brother said, ďWhat the ďfĒ is your problem, I can what I want now. Iím an adult, remember?Ē After my brother used a naughty word my dad and him wrestled and Michael got another black eye. He was always getting them. Iím a smart kid and I knew that this was just another part of life.
My brother wears all black all the time and has tattoos and paints his face white and black when he leaves the house. I guess he thinks itís Halloween all the time, what a silly kid. Anyway, Disneyland is so much fun. I got to see Mickey and Donald and everyone but my brother and my dad I guess didnít like it and they got into another argument. When we got back to the hotel I wanted to watch TV with my sister. My mom was using the bathroom and my brother and dad went outside on the balcony to talk. I heard them both yelling at each other. They have been doing this all day. ďGod I hate you so much, I canít stand living with you aroundĒ was shouted from the outside. It definitely was my brother who said that. I knew this because my dad and brother always got in fights and Iím a smart kid too. The yelling stopped and my dad walked back in the room. He looked angry, even more angry than he was when his favorite football team lost in the Super Bowl.
My dad called for my mom and they both left the room. They said they were hungry, but I donít know why, we just ate a bunch of food in the restaurant downstairs. Sometimes parents can be so weird. Well that just left my brother and my sister and me at the hotel. I decided to talk to my brother who was still outside. We talked for a while and then I came back in. ďWhat was that screaming noiseĒ my sister asked in a concerned voice. What a silly girl, I told her itís just another part of life.
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