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I believe

I believe in colours
yet forever respecting the beauty and
simplicity of Black and White.
I believe the sound of laughter
can cure more than it ails.
I believe in loving
even when it hurts.
I believe that which disappoints
will not make you stronger
until you forgive the sources of
your disappointment.
I believe that girls were made
for me, yet am not worried should
they instead choose each other.
I think tomorrow will always come
even when I am no longer here to see it.
I believe in you, though you may not
share my views. I believe in family
and the miracle of birth.
I believe in dreams for in them I am
most powerful.
I do not believe in death yet
I know it will eventually find me.
I believe in life, living always
with the awareness that this could be
my last breath.
Anthony-H mdh-30vibes2011

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