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Double Heartbreak

                        DOUBLE HEARTBREAK
               *Serge promised to help me but he instead gelped himself.Then an emotional injury took place.My whole body was broken.I felt tortured and I couldn't bear the pain.But I came to know that pain and go,and when it goes,it makes you stronger and happier,more sensitive and aware.*I explain softly to Roger.
      Therse and I were very good friend in secondary school.I was 13 and she was 12.We were so close and everything went well with us.In school,and in our respective neighborhoods,everybody knew we were dating.Even our parents thought we were dating.but that was not the case.
       Her beauty was astounding.She was so caring and extremely talented and intelligent.She was admired and generally respected by everybody(both sexes).She was every guy's. dream.We usually walk to school and to the house everyday,and we always ate lunch together.We were always sitting and talking about nothing in particular.Everybody envied us.We both felt on top of the world.
       One day.I offered her a ring I bought.and the next day when we were in her home,her father saw it on her finger.*Wow!You guys are progressing.Brian you've already offerd a ring to my daughter?*Her father asked.*Stop dad! it's just a ring...*responded Therese.Same day in the evening,we went to my house and my mother saw the ring on her finger.*The relationship has gone to the next level.My son has offered you a ring.Anyways,glad to have you as my...*said my mom.Therese laughed nervously and responded, *I don't think I am good for your son.**You're good or me.Infact you are the best for me.*I responded.As days passed,we came to discover that we were in love.It was seen whenever our shy eyes met and we smiled.She told her elder sister,Ashley how she felt and Ashley was surprised 'cause she thought we were already dating.I told my first cousin I call a brother,Serge.He was 14.
         Serge always pushed me to express my feelings to Therese,but I was a very shy person then.Ashley too always told me in a very logical way but I could not understand.Serge tried ti teach me how to confront a girl but it didn't work.It was my very first time falling in love.*It's gonna be so hard,*II always tokd him.So Serge proposed helping me out and I accepted without thinking twice.
         One sunny afternoon at about two after three,Serge,Therese and I were watching The Olympic Games in Therese's living room eating apple and drinking fruit juoce.My eyes frequently met with that of Therese and eventually,it made me so uncomfortable.As nervous as I was,I left her and Serge inside and I went outside listening to my MP3 player.I had no idea about what was transpiring inside.An hour later,I went in and saw them,so close on the lilvibg room couch.They were fuzzy when they saw me and Serge [roposed that we all go outside.While outside,they were exchanging pieces of papers and when i asked,they said they'll tell me later.After all that drama,walked us home.At about 10pm,when Serge and I were about to slep,he told me that Therese siad she'll think about it.I was very happy.
          Thre days latre,Serge was well dressed.He wore a blue hat,a white T shirt and a navy blue shirt,a black jeans and a white Air Force1 sneaker.He told me he was going to watch soccer in the stadium.It was about 3pm and I was playing vidoe game.At about 4pm,I went to Therese\s house and was surprised to see Serge there on the same couch and the same position.Serge told me that he changed his mind going to the stadium that's why he was with Therese.iI had nothing at the back of my mind as I trusted them both.In the evening brfore sleeping again,he told me the same thing he told me three days back.I made up my mind to be as patient as Job.We couldn't sleep that night so we decided to play cards to pass the time.After playing cards for about an hour,Serge sent me to go get his MP3 player from his box.When I opened the box,I saw a bunch of folded papers with cute handwritings on them,and on the back of one,it was written *I love you Serge* and it was Therese's handwriting.When I gave him his MP3 player,I also gave him the bunch of papers I saw in his box and he was speechless.I felt disappointed,scammed,mocked at,disgraced and killed by a person I call a brother.We slept without saying a word to us and became temporal enemies.
          The next day at school,I tried ti look good so Therese     should not ask questions.I even tried to talkto her like my heart wasn't aching,like I was better off and even happier.But dep inside,i was burning.
          After school,I couldn't stand it,so I told her eveything and she was ashamed and shocked that I knew about their small secret relationship,but that didn't stop her from dating Serge,All what Therese did with me was now done to Serge and even thrice than mines 'cause they were dating.Therese came to my house almost every day and did so much funny and interesting things with Serge.I consoled myself by writing poems,stories and songs to stop thinking.but still I ws not myself and I cried myself to slep every night.She was the only thing I thought about,dreamt about and talked about.i felt like something had torn from me,like was no longer whole.
          My friends and those of Serge,Therese's friends,our parents and  people in our neighborhoods who knew well about Therese and I saw the drastic and sudden change.Ashley too noticed and i explained everything to her and she was shocked too,but I never asked her to say a word to her isister,like begging her.People were like*why should Serge do this to his brother?* *Srege is a bad boy.* *Serge is a silent killer.* and many other comments...Therese too had hers.
          On the very first day of summer,I finally got up.I don't know at exactly what point things started to change..I began spending time with other people.I was doing all I could to stay busy apart from writing and balling.Gradually,I began to have fun by myself.I began to smile,finally,to laugh again.I could ber the whole day without thinking of Therese.I instead pretended like nothing happened and I became close to her than before.I became very friendky as she saw a change in demenor.
          One day,I was in the living room eating pop corn and watching a Jackie Chan comedy movie and it was fun.Some minutes later,Serge entered with Therese and they sat on the couch watching TV with me.we all laughed but made no comments.After the movie,I was about going out when Therese met me and siad she wanted to talk with me.I had so many things running through my mind,I thought she was calling me to congratulate me for taking it like a real man,to tell me to start talking to my brother,to tell me how weak and foolish I am,that she still loves me erc.I was so nervous and curious.When I met her at the basement,she went downn on her knees,crying,asking me to forgive her,that she was not in love,but was lust and didn''t know what she was doing.She actually confessed that it's me she loves.I was speehless,so I lleft her in tears.
           the next day,Ashley met me and solicitated on Therese's behalf and I had no choice 'cause I discovered that I still loved very much.Same day,Serge asked for forgivrness and i pardonnes him.Ashley arranged for a date for Threrese and I,and it was so,so was like we just met.There was one bad thing,Therese totally hated Serge and didn'ty even want to see him 'cause he walked around lieing that Therese made the move,;eanwhile he did.
            we enjoyed our summer love and it was o gorgeous.We were dating for about a month and two weeks.But something happened again.Srege planned with an opulent friend of his to spoil everthing and they did.They told Therese and I lies about us and we too brlieved them.It  was hurting.Therese and I finally broke up.I accepted the defeat with my head up and my eyes open.I listened to messages from songs like *If I could turn back the hands of time* by R.Kelly and *Start friom Scratch* by Jayceon Terrel Taylor a.k.a The Game.
           Now,Therese and I are best of friends and share everything.We go jogging in the morning,play basketball in the evening,go out,cook meals amd do so many other crazy things.Almost everybody thinks we are still dating,especially,our parents and people who didn't know the whole story.Sincerely,sometimes when I look at her,I wish we could turn back the hands of time.I know she still loves me from her body language and her sister's confessions.U know now that Jayceon Terrel Taylor's quote is true,*keep your family far away and your enemies closer.* and I also learned this from Keleel Janison,*Relationships od all kind are like sands held in your hand.Held loosely,with an open hand,the sand remains where it is.The minute you close your hands and squeeze tightly to hold on,the sand trickies through your fingers.You may hold on to some of it,but most will be spilled.A relationship is like that.Held loosely,with respect and freedom for the the other person,it is likely to remain intact.But hold too tightly,too possessively,and the relationship slipts away ans it's lost.*

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