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Victorious Day

Heat is burning sweats off my chest,
As I breathe deeply for inner strength.
My heartbeat is hopping faster than ever,
My body so sore and tired that I wished
My mother was with me, holding me in her arms.

Suddenly, a vision comes,
I see myself holding you in my arms.
Just then, my breath becomes easily,
And I hear your first cry in my motherhood.

Oh tiny little hands and feet you have,
I hang my arms over towards you.
Oh thin hair on your bald little head,
I blow delicately to your hair,
As my fingers slide along your face.

Suddenly, I am reminded of my mother's words.
I see through your eyes in seeking resemblance.
Just then, I feel my pain is worthy,
Because I have found my mother's eyes in you.

Oh how I wish you won't be like me,
The me who always made my mother mad.
Oh how I wish I could be young again-
As I hold you dear against my chin,
I realize how time is tightening on me.

I am old enough to be a mother;
Someday my parents will return to Him,
A life is born,
Resembling a life cycle is near to the end.

Oh dear Lord, don't hold back your gifts.
A sudden kicks from you, my child,
Waken me up from tears of memories.
My hands hold a new life,
Transforming marriage to completeness.

(c)Dec 7, 2003
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