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I Am

I am an instrument of neverending needlessness,
walking though an incarnation of your beliefe of hell.
My body is an empty shell of scared and burnt flesh and bone,
from the torture of your hell that raises what little spirit
that I may have left to sacrafice to you.

Trough the darkness is a haunting illusion of a once torchered
and endless emotion, my heart and mind in sync with eachother
to one cold and noncaring exhistance. To behold such a thing
you may say is impossible. but I beg to differ. For I do exist.

Chorus: I am oppisite of life-----Death
I am oppisite of love-----Hate
I am oppisite of Light-----Darkness
I am oppisite of you-----Me
I am but a memory faded!

Touched by the unconditional love that your heart once held,
but now I sit and ponder the consiqences of the actions that
our lives together may bring. And there is a gaping hole in my chest
where a smoldering chared lump of tissue that was once my heart.
I am left without knoledge of fear, love, pain and discontentment.
The meaning of life is clear to me now.

But as the cold hands of time tick mymiserable life away,
I am unscaved by this all in all.
They say time heals, but it only makes me colder.
I am darkness. I am hate. I am death.
I was nothing more than a puppet for your sick and distorted pleasure.
So I cut the strings and say "NO MORE"!!!!

(Chorus)X's 2 ( Scream 3 times I Am)
But a memory faded.
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