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Just A Banking Problem

Rosie was trying to get to the bank before it closed.  It closed at 5:30pm.  If she did not get to the bank to deposit the money before it was closed, her housenote wouldn't get paid, and the lights would go out!


She drove as fast as she could without incurring a speeding ticket! A speeding ticket she could not afford!


As she drove, it seemed that she was being stopped by every red light on every block!  She just could not chance running a red light!


As she drove, she was afraid that she might get caught in the heavy traffic of people getting off work and those coming in to work!


As she drove, she was thinking to herself that miss paying the housenote might incur a severe late charge that might be too hard to manage!  And being in the dark was something she just wasn't looking forward to! No, she did not want to be without electricity!


She had come within just a few blocks from the bank when she was stopped  in traffice, because just a few feet ahead of her an accident had occurred!  The traffic would be tied up until the police could get a report and clear the vehicles from the street.


It was now 5pm.  But it did not take as long as she had expected for the traffic to start moving again!


She arrived at the bank in just the nick of time!

The money was deposited on time, and the billsd would now be paid on time!

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