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This I s Love

©2003 Bruce Heckman
57 Inningwood Rd
Millwood NY 10546-1129
[email protected]

Spaces sing between your words
Emptiness fills with dreams just heard
Your eyes suggest a language
Other ears canít hear

Warm your lips that speak with kisses
Your glowing smile
Tells me that this is
This is Love

You may leave for a little while
But I know that glowing smile
Will warm my skin once more
Once more

I believe that you can see
Eyes closed tightly next to me
That my soul embraces yours
With Love

So be here always, always dear
Make our hearts, our hearts appear
From the dark
This is love

You are the light I see
When vision means the most to me
Your lips
Your eyes
Your smile

This is Love
You are Love

This is Love
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