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The Arrival

The Arrival
It feels so good to come!
By Kheper-a Merat

Iím in heat yíall
I feel so warm inside
I mean itís something I just canít hide
And I donít want to
Iím just goní keep it true
I guess some might say Iím turned out but Iím okay
Iím just turned on
Now I wanna do it to the break of dawn
And again and again
Am I wrongÖis this a sin?
Well I guess it depends on who is looking at me
But right now Iím goní keep onĖIím so happy
Iím all tingly inside from the essence
I wanna explode from just the simple presence
I put you in my mouth
And you like me there
I put YOU in my mouth
And YOU like me there
I explore your possibilities everywhere
YOU are soooooo happy that I came
And how I called out your name
And it is because of your protection
That I can ride the erection
I mean yíall its so good sometimesÖ
I start speaking in tongue and rhymes
Just walking by myself and in the middle of the street
Iím called to attention straight on my feet
Yes Iím in heatĖmotivated by my chills
Ooooh this love is surreal, so real
Got me calling you in the middle of the night
I need it, sheís gotta to have itĖit makes me right
Some others have stepped to me but they cannot fill your shoes
I even was creeping at one time but now itís you that I choose
EwwwÖcan you be with me right now
Thereís no one more important than you
I feel weíre so connected that itís no longer two
We are one
I want YOU to Rock my boatĖthe definition of fun
Smiling in the evening, then smiling at the sun
Amazed at how YOU donít fall asleep even when I feel done
YOU stroke my insides and do it non-stop
Inspire me to ride on top
Give it all I got
Oooh itís so so so so good
Like knock knock on wood
Like bottle it up and sell it
Like go to the mountaintops and yell it
Type good
Sometimes I see the faces of those who havenít come
Stone-cold and inhibited
Oh my how they need some
ĎCause I am drip drip drippiní
Iím overflowing with my juices and Iím not trippiní
Ainít nothiní dry about this
This uhmm uhmm good bliss
I got people in line wanting to taste this
And just as much as Iím feeling you, Iím feeling me
I got the MagicĖmust be Houdini
Nah, I know itís the synergy
I want the world to know
Our love is like Woah!
And when I arrive, itís like I arrive again
Youíre my best friend
My how we blend
And when itís all said and done
Itís never all said and done
Oh we the one
YOU got me singing songs
Like Iíll be loving you always
You got me open in so many ways
And some say when you got a love this good
You gotta keep it on the dl
ĎCause what will happen if you tell
Somebody goní come in your house trying to take yours
But I ainít worried; in fact, Iím opening the doors
Let me tell youÖgirl let me tell you
I ainít never felt it like this before
I get caressed and continually blessed
And I want more and more
I gotta confess itís so good it has me shaking
And thereís never any faking
Itís realÖso real
Ohh right now itís what I feel
I was hit hard but yet softly entered
Kissed from my head to my center
Ooooh my center
Then all the way to my toes
Aint nothiní fishy about this
Smells sweet as a rose
My nostrils flared because of my ďnoísĒ
No I will not just do it with anybody
No I will not abuse my mind and body
No I will not sleep with the enemy
I want you completely
I said no to promiscuity
I said no to infidelity
I said no and now Iím free
Free to let the sunshine feel my space
Now I got time to live
No longer time to kill, nothing for waste
Itís whatís really good
I got the big one yíall
Multiples in fact
Got me saying my neck, my back
Itís straight and in tact
And I thank my soulmate every day
And we can do it and we do it any time of day
Outside in the park
We even do it after dark oh yeah, oh yeah
My lover is a God
No really my lover is God
And through divine design
I have discovered the greatest find
Love of the deepest kind
That love that I canít resist
Asking myself how did I even live without this
Because you arenít living until you go within
This is when life and true love really begins
And it you canít relate to where this is from
Well its time to give up the glory
Get excited about the Most High
Lay your burdens down and come! (into higher consciousness)
─Kheper-a Merat, August, 2003
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