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Viva L'Amour

Viva L’Amour -------- Copyright © 1994 Christine Anderson

There's a clock on the wall and it's measuring down
The time you have left til you're dust on the ground
The people you love with the time that you've got
Determine if you are rememebered or not

Viva l'amour, viva l'amour!

Stiff-collared businessmen feeling worn out
Shiftmen and driftmen they've forgotten about
Churchmen and craftsmen and madmen and whores
Are slaving their lives away. What about yours?

Viva l'amour, viva l'amour!

Traveling salesmen, homeless and kings
Dishearted lovers with Danieli rings
With all you don't have and with all that you're not
Go back to love's daydreams, they're all that you've got

Viva l'amour, viva l'amour!

So for all you hard workers from LA to Paris
Open your eyes, tell me what do you see?
Remember September, Septembers before
The wheel keeps on turning, so children
Viva l’amour

Viva l'amour, viva l'amour!
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