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The Burning Man

Oh to wallow in the madness
An empty mind and a deadline
But it's the only destiny for me
To make the crazy diamond shine

So I shut off all my senses
And connect with my true sight
The waves break in such perfection
The music brings it back to life

Oh I've chosen the life of a poet
So I'll probably die penniless
But I'm doing the right thing
So don't worry it's not your mess
Now off I go once again
To collect more steps for the dance
No I'll never learn them all
But I'll chase them while I can
Welcome to the heavenly hell
Of the burning man

I'll drown in this man made ocean
Swallow more than I'll ever tread
But sometimes what's bad for the body
Is somehow good for the head

In the artifacts of my laughter
You'll find the secret ingredient
It's not important what I said
Just hang on to what I meant


Just another hopeless romantic
Playing for encores on Main Street
If I'm worth the price of your time
Flash a warm smile before you leave
Now it's well past closing
And it seems I've misplaced the moral
So take what makes sense to you
And lock the door when you go


Yes welcome to the heavenly hell
Of the burning man
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