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six seconds till freedom

                                       Six Seconds till Freedom

One and one thousand- I gasp for breath, the images in my head are slowly coming to rest. I look up; I am blinded by light, the ever present light that haunts my ever present dreams. The white light, the white walls are all I have ever known, as the evil faces of my restrainers float in the sterile air that suffocates me.

Two and two thousand, three and three thousand- The air, that wretched odorless air that forever remains in my white-walled prison, I’m certain it’s happy, It shall soon be free, free of me. My palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy. I’m ready to wake, wake up to my eternal sleep. I see the light it’s still white, white like the big maze that is my prison. My body is shocked. Electricity runs through me, my body is live wire, electricity coursing in me.

Four and four thousand, five and five thousand- My restrainers dressed in white, tried to bound me to this earth, to my self-corrupted mind, who did nothing but lie. I need to be free. Free of my white prison, free of the white merciless light, free of this white earth, free of my white plagued dreams. I’m almost there; colors are creeping in. Electricity surging through me, plunging me back to my cold white dreams.

Six and six thousand- Hours have passed, days have gone by. I’m almost there; I have almost escaped my white-walled dreams. Suddenly everything stops, and I see the light. I’m finally awake, awake in my eternal sleep. Color, there is pure color everywhere, I am finally free.

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