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the fantasy

The hansom young man looked down with weary eyes and a sad heart.As he looked unblinkingly into to the eyes of
his beatiful maiden which lay dead in his arms. "No, this cant be" the man thought; "if only I had slain the dragon which had
killed this maiden, this terrible act would not have happened". The man looked up with watery eyes and now noticed the
desruction which the dragon and he had caused in an attempt to end each others lives, he then noticed what he was looking for
which was the great beast itself flying off into the chilled night air to return to its god forsaken lair. "Damnit what did I do
wrong" the man thought ; " I cut right into his heart yet he did not die,why?" then a thought acured to him,he remembered
something. As he stabed the great dragon he looked into its eyes and there he noticed on top of its head sat a great emerald
sunk in its forehead. Then as if slaped by an unfore seen hand he remebered that the emerald glowed a deep green and the wound healed up. How could the man forget such an event? Perhaps in his rush of triumph and the death of the maiden
he forgot. He lay the maiden gently down and rose to his full hight and said in a dramatic whisper, " I will avenge your death
my maiden".

This might seem kinda stupid but its not the story that im satisfyed with its the writing that i really like
i wrote this while listening to ODE TO JOY by beethoven when this story idea hit me and i finally wrote it
so i hope u like it evne though its not finished so thanks for reading it. :))
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