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One night...

Jacelin had just broken up a couple of weeks ago with her boyfriend of four years, Adam. He was a sweet caring guy, and she was pretty sure she was in love with him. She didn't think she would ever move on. She didn't think she'd have to.
One night, Jacelin's friends invited her out to a local club. She really didn't want to go, but they forced her to go anyway. She reluctantly got ready and then met up with her friends.
"Hey Jace." Tammi and Nicole greeted.
"Hi guys." Jacelin said.
"Ooh. Jace, look at that guy over there. He's totally checking you out!"
"Yeah, right." Jacelin said to them. Then she felt a soft and quick queeze on her shoulders, but there was still a hand resting on her shoulder after the squeeze. Giggling, her friends stepped away.
"Hi." The young man said. She turned to him and saw that he was gorgeous. His blue eyes, dark brown hair, and tanned skin made him stand out in the crowd.
"H-Hi." Jacelin managed to say. She was completely taken away by him. She noticed his body, it looked strong. She needed a strong man like him.
"I'm Tyler. What is your name?"
"Jacelin." She replied.
"Let's dance." Tyler suggested.
Tyler and Jacelin danced for two hours. They got to know each other. Finally, they were both too tired to continue dancing.
"Would you like to come back to my house with me?" Tyler asked.
Jacelin looked at her friends. "Sure. Let me just tell my friends."
They smiled. "Having a good time?"
"Yes." Jacelin replied. "I'm going out with him. I'll call you guys tomorrow."
"Okay." Tammi said.
Jacelin walked over to him and he took her hand. "Shall we go?" Jacelin nodded.
They took separate cars, and met up at his place. He gave her a tour and Jacelin felt immediately closer to Tyler. He was in a stable job, was strong, and had amazing looks. She wanted to be with him badly.
Without thinking, Jacelin blurted out, "I desire you Tyler, I want you."

To Be Continued...
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