The Adventure off 0ley & Josh | By: Michael Alan Smith | | Category: Short Story - Adventure Bookmark and Share

The Adventure off 0ley & Josh

Oley & Josh deep into the jungle of South America, one day when there are still in amazon rainforest until they are walking strange to the magical realm was a beauitful day on the island of Kahuna meanwhile their searching for piece of the talisman is scattered throughout the island when there find an enchanted book the emerald atlas on a strange island so Josh went to crystal cove lake while started on an quest for a gem was curse inheritance as their came to the temple of powerful sorceres who lived in root corn deep magical forest is terrifying place there.

it was bright and sunny day Oley and Josh are on adventure unlike any other, a rambunctious named boy stumbled into a dark misty room.

And gets thrust into the adventure of a lifetime.

With storm clouds brewing, Oley embarks on an incredible cross-country journey with his new friend Josh to prove his mission, recover the atlas and prevent his world - and all others - from slipping into the an evil darkness.

That light of magic was taken away by the evil cold hearted witch to gain her power once and for all.

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