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Dreylen the Warrior


Dreyle the Warrior

By michael A Smith

It was a beauitful day the sun was shining, and birds were chriping. Out of some woods came a strong, tall, young man with long, dark brown hair and small beard. His name was Dreylen." At last I'm out of those troublesome woods!"

He thought," I'll camp at that clearing up ahead."

Strangely, at the clearing he found a man is laying on, a soft smooth grass. It was sunny and bright day when Firven was on his way and he saw a kingdom of Boria where a good king and queen had kayley and Garrett who likes to walk in the grounds for palace that day meanwhile they must go on their quest to get a magic shield in the runes of old temple.

as the adventure begins with storm clouds brewing in the sky as garrett embarks on his journey throughout the magical forest where he saw root corn deep into mystery figure is dress in black hooded cloak is flying in a wind that he decided to go by hiself at kingdom grounds

The End

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