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opening the cycles of a smoke screen tunnel.

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brings to mind some peace, to find.
grating on a nother level.
bought by nothing not even the shovel.
Right now I'd.,
Be used to the weather cold drizzily day on the quiot Evening.
I stared out into the croud million's of Vultures sneering.,

for they have found there nich they can thive.
With the promise of the with of the new day of the future,
forward at hand! Millions messmerized with there smile,,
I'd be danged, if I did'nt darn when walking out on me,
If these words dont Apease, you.
Walking I'd normally have nothing more to say,
Dangerous is the doughtfull! Though the labling's of society
Watch it not show to be the the next, fringe on society.
And Enticemnt fill's the detured,
At leaste for the common wellfair of all,
So you, say. delightfull textures, fill my vision when.,
"I't just all comes to time.,"
That's a given on the most, Understood, Wy not we face way's.,
Instead of what we alleady,
. ventured.
Nothing like a little movement to start a great,
"Day Right! Brings to mind more times in blind.,
Listening to the Quiet notion'es, of dispare.
Wandering if we where ever really, there?
Just listening to Quiet meandering's.
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