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You and Me


Youíre running under the moonlight
The snow coming from sky is reflecting the glow

Tomorrow everything will turn fast
but you have to move slow

The nights here are so mad
turning you in a blue and sad
your loneliness is just making me feel bad
the snow is covering the trees hat
Maybe you get me and maybe you don't

You can decide but without dropping single tear
If there is love you could say, but I cant

I am feeling there is something that is taking us near
Few days back you had a dinner with a stranger

But youíve forgotten that I might be that one
You made me feel that you need someone in your danger

In the ghost dark night and light of the sun.
I canít say that if I kiss you or miss you

That is not the issue anymore at least for now
But I would not let you miss to see the true view
Youíve to win the game anyhow

I am sure that you are coming back
It make you warm no matter how much this world is cool

I would never let you sit alone on any lonely track You have to trust me cause Iím not going to make you fool
When the first few days of winter will pass hard

Friend your trust will take to the shore
I can see the believe in your eyes which stops you to be apart

Even you can feel what you are looking for
The time to search has gone away

Now let me take you in my arms forever You and I here come to stay
I promise you, I wont go ever

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