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On the way of escaping her slow but intense memory,
I felt the beauty of her in my mind’s eyes.
She was there standing But I didn’t want to wish her again,
She begged me for a walk on the memory lane.
I told myself ‘No’ but heart wanted to listen ‘Yes’,
From lonely but candid corner of my heart what I could secretly hear.
That it was merely an evening’s dream,
Again it was a just my own dream.

I wanted to forget her forever that’s why,
That Sunday evening I went alone for a slow walk.
To refresh the old scent,
Which could give me a space in new heart.
When I saw the sweetest girl out there,
I felt the same energy in my heart again.
When I offered her walk in the chains,
Within few moments I also stretched my feelings to her.
A pair of small but deep blue eyes made me crazy,
She pulled me by the arm that takes me to the out of world.
I forgot last girl for the new charming little beauty,
I could knew that very moment I had fallen in lake of love.

But it was painful and scary but true,
That made me realized I was getting older.
The moment she told me ‘uncle’ and compared me wither dead father,
I could feel the weakness in my trembling legs.
I didn’t want to lose her the way I did last girl,
I could feel same scent across the field.
Breathing next to this lovely pearl,
But it is better to understand the real.

Now I can feel the loosen grip of her,
Which made me realized that I was no longer Mr. Charming.
What I used to be till few years back,
Teen girls of that time can tell the romantic stories.
With whom I did walk for hours in the starry nights.
And they never did let go their grip,
It true that I am old now and she is only seventeen,
But my heart is still as young as I was only thirteen.

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