VISIT FROM A DEMON | By: Willie Buchanan | | Category: Short Story - Horror Bookmark and Share



On May 15th, 1980,I had fallen into a sound sleep.  It was about midnight when I felt someone pulled the covers off me.  I thought, “someone is playing a joke,” so I pulled the covers back upon myself.  The second time the covers were roughly snatched away.Then, I realized that I was at home alone.

  At that moment I opened my eyes  and was scared out of my wits!Fear pieced my heart like a knife.  I tried to scream but I could not! I was wide awake now and I knew it was  not a dream.  I had not had any booze or drugs so I could not blame it on that.  I felt cold and hot.I tried to move but it felt like something was holding me down.

  I had left the bathroom light on, and from what I could see there was some type of Demon standing
in front of the bed.  It had red eyes,a hook nose,sharp teeth, pointed fingernails and a green face.  It stood at the foot of the bed dressed in a hooded black robe.  It waived its hands about while making a strange noise.

  I was terrified!  When I was finally able to break free, the demon jumped  down on the floor.  I turned on the bedside lamp and raced around to the foot of the bed.My God,the Demon had disappeared in a flash,wow ! 

I stayed up all night even though I had to work in mouning.I kept all of the lights on,put a cross on the dresser next to my bed.I also read the 23rd psalms from the bible.I did not believe in ghost before this happened.This was my first apartment by the railrode tracks.

  I slacked off from partying so much.I asked several people at work about ghost until I found some that had seen one to,then I was relieved to know I was not going crazy,wow ! I prayed to never see that one again !

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