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The phone rang. Grumbling, I turned over and hit the answer button. "What do
you want?" I asked in a bearish tone of voice.
"Tori, it's me, Kevin. You have got to get up! Earth is being invaded! We've got
to go to safety!" Kevin looked really worried and upset. I jumped out of bed, nearly
landing on top of Tasha, my white tiger. Tasha growled and moved out of my way.
"OK I'm up. Meet me at the school in ten minutes."
"OK see you there. Be careful Tori," Kevin told me.
"I will, and you take care too." I hung up the phone and got dressed. "Come on
Tasha, you're coming with me." We went upstairs and headed to the school. The streets
were empty. As I was looking around, there was not a soul around. It seemed that
everyone had taken cover already. Tasha followed me and I could tell she was uneasy
about the whole situation.
As I turned the last corner to the school, I saw Kevin frantically waving his arms at
me. I started to run to him and Tasha followed my lead. Kevin is tall, with long black
hair. He has pointed ears and red eyes that glow when he is upset. Kevin also has a
slender black tail that swishes back and forth. Kevin is what the humans call a cat person.
He is neither a human nor a cat, but a mixture of both.
"Tori! In here, we'll be safe!" I ran up to him and we went into the safehouse
"What is going on out there, World War Three?" I asked panting after going into
the safehouse. Kevin looked at me, his face went pure white.
"You wouldn't believe me if I told you." He turned away from me. "I...I...I can't
tell you because you'll end up dead like everyone else." I could tell that he had tears in his
voice. I knew that even if I pushed, he wasn't going to tell me anything, so I dropped it.
We waited in the safehouse for a few hours. Then Kevin and I left and went to our
respective homes.
"If Kevin wanted me to know what was going on, he would have told me," I
thought to myself as I was walking home. I decided not to worry about it and went to
The next few days were hectic. There were people being shipped to different
planets because of the apparent invasion of the Earth. The only problem I saw was that I
never saw or heard of any aliens around in my neighborhood. On the news there were
reports of sightings right down the street from me. I wondered if I was lucky not to see
the aliens, or if it was planned that way.
Getting fed up with what was going on, I decided to call Kevin. "Maybe he will
actually tell me what is going on," I said to Tasha. Tasha looked up at me with a puzzled
expression on her face. I dialed Kevin's number and waited. "He's not there. Well, I'll
leave him a message and try him again later," I said telling his answering device to call me
when he got home.
About four hours went by and no phone call. I tried him again and got his
answering system again. I left the same type of message and waited. I decided to go do
some work to pass the time. Weeks went by, and no word from Kevin. This time, I
noticed as I was out taking Tasha for a walk, that there was no one left. From the news, I
gathered that I was the only person who was either brave enough or stupid enough to stay
on Earth. The fact is, no one told me I had to leave. I really didn't know that much about
it. I'd gotten my only information from the news or surfing the net.
I was the last person on Earth, and there was a knock at the door. "Who's there?"
I called as I looked out the window at who was at the door. It was Kevin, my best friend.
"Open up, Tori!" Kevin called. I went to the door and opened it. There was
Kevin, sweat running down his forehead. "Here, this is for you," he handed me an
envelope. Right after he did this, I heard a *PING* and Kevin collapsed at my feet.
"KEVIN!!" I screamed. I checked his pulse and there was no pulse to be
checked. I opened the envelope after I closed my front door. Inside there was a sheet of
paper. It had written on it: Tori, you must save the earth. By the time you read this, I
will be gone. Go to my place and you will find more instructions there. Kevin.
"What can I do to save the Earth?" I said to myself. I went to get ready to leave
for Kevin's place. Just then, I realized, "Why would it matter? I am the last person. If I
save the Earth, will it matter?" I sat down on the couch trying to decide what to do.
After about fifteen minutes, I got up and walked out the door. I looked around trying to
see if anything was "out of the ordinary." The only thing was there were no people
anywhere. The ones I did see, were probably dead. As I walked down the street towards
Kevin's house, I tried to see aliens. No luck there. There was no one around at all.
"There is his house," I said as I walked up the his driveway. The door was wide open so
I pulled out my laser pistol and crept inside. I checked the whole house and it was empty.
I put my gun away and started to look for the instructions Kevin was telling me
about. I searched the whole entire house and couldn't find them. The I decided if Kevin
was really desperate and went to his computer. *CLICK* After the computer warmed
up, I got into his files. None of the file names said anything to make me look in them. So,
I started looking in all of them. I was searching for about an hour or so when one file
caught my eye. DELTA was the name of the file.
Looking within the file, I read things I didn't like. I turned on the printer and
printed the entire file. The file was a total of twenty pages. After it printed, I went
looking at the rest of the data in the computer. Nothing else in the entire computer was
what I was looking for, and I really had no idea what I was looking for in the first place. I
turned off the printer and the computer. I took the printed file and got up from the chair.
At that instant, I saw a blue beam hit the computer. The blast knocked me off my feet.
Whatever was in this file, someone didn't want me to have it, that's for sure. I looked
around the room, at where I thought the beam originated. Nothing there. This was
getting more and more frustrating by the minute.
I left Kevin's and started back home. I had put the papers in an inside pocked of
my black leather jacket. Once I got home, I went down into the basement where Tasha
was waiting patiently. I locked the door behind me and sat down. Tasha came up to me
and put her head under my hand. I took out the file and started to pet Tasha.
"Well Tasha, it looks like it is up to us to save the Earth," I said to Tasha. Tasha
looked up at me puzzled. "I know, I am confused myself. I hope this file gives me a
better idea of what is going on." I said sighing.
I started to read the file. About half way through the file, the cyberspace telephone
rang. "Hello?" I asked in a tranced sort of way.
"Hello Tori. I was wondering if you heard from Kevin today." Asked Shana, a
friend of ours who lives on Zebula.
"As a matter of fact I have. He came over and handed me a note. Then, he died.
I went to his house and ran across a file of his called DELTA," I said to her explaining the
rest of the story.
"DELTA? Is that his file on the Dreadnoids on the planet Delta?" She asked me
with a puzzlement to her voice.
"How did you know?"
"He told me a little bit about it. If I were you, I would send them to the space
police. You shouldn't have them." Shana was dead serious about it.
"But they wouldn't believe it. Shana, I have been reading this file and I don't think
the cops should have this information. Some of it has to do with them. I need to figure
out who should have it."
"Well, let me know what happens. Take care Tori, and be careful." Shana smiled
and the phone hung up.
I know someone needs to have this information. But who? I read the rest of the
information and decided that the group, Rebelions, should have it. I went into the
computer and did a file search on them. "Nothing here to help me," I thought. "How am
I to find them?" After a while, I went upstairs to get something to eat. Tasha tagged
along. While eating, there was a knock on my door. I did the same thing when Kevin was
at my door. Kevin! His body was still out there!
The knocking changed into pounding. "Tori! You have some information that we
should have! OPEN UP!" They called. Slowly, with Tasha at my side, I opened the
door. There weren't cops, that was for sure. "We are a part of the Rebelions. Kevin had
information that he was going to give up about DELTA. We would like that file, please,"
said on of the males.
I gave him the file and they left. I was glad. I am not involved anymore. Just then
an older gentleman walks up to the door. "Who are *BLAM*" I gasped as I dropped to
the ground.
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