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Before the warranty expires

Before the warranty expires!

Each time I see a picture of a grandchild,
My siblings or my own
I'm totally amazed at the speed with which
These little ones have grown.
They seem to jump out of their clothes
As fast as they've been acquired
They cannot even wear them out
Before that warranty has expired.
I hope I have the time you know
At less than the speed of light
To watch as all these kids grow up
And spread their wings to flight.
To help them out with wily answers
To questions they can't compute
Like how we'd do our daily chores
And a four hour daily commute
They blow my mind with what they've learned
Since last they came around
And each of them is as different as
The gems found in the ground.
Their interests change from day to day
As their characters take shape
And sooner than the eye can blink
They've ripened like a grape
Matured and grown as do all things
But it seems when it's your kin
It happens so much faster than
The world I was a kid in.

Alan J. Blyth 2005

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