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Hello, everyone. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this true story about me and my soul mate,*James.      *Names have been changed


First, you should know how we look.

James is 5"1 and has hazel eyes, so easy to get lost in. A small nose, close cut black hair, and small dimples. Also he is slim.

My name is Zia and I am now 4"10 & have an hourglass shape, long dark hair and big dimples, medium nose, deep brown eyes, thick eyelashes and black raybans.


I met him at a mental hospital, when I was visiting my friend. My mother said, "there is a boy in there that wants to meet you." ( something I never would have thought in a million years would've come out of her mouth.:p

I brushed it off while a bit excited. My friend took me and my mom into the lobby to meet james. 

He turned around and there was no one else but us, it seemed.

We shook hands and a shock of electricity ran up both our arms, we both noticed and didn't let go of each others hand for a minute.

We asked the man at the front desk if james could come out to hang with us in the front area, ( we had to ask since we were not james's family. He said yes so we went outside and my friend that I had came to see kept hating on james, obviously jealous. James told us his story of how he ended up in the mental hospital.


James p.o.v

Zia and her mom asked how I ended up here.

I told them everything. Even with zias friend Sam there, he hated me he was obviously jealous.

So here is how I got here.

When I was born, my mom was on drugs. So, I'm a drug baby.

I don't know my dad, but I hate his guts. He left before I was born. Yesterday, my mom overdosed my on my medicine, so I took my spray cans and sprayed bad words on the side walk and on the house that said " F U mom" and "I hate you" 

She grabbed me and sat in my and shoved my mess down my throat. She overdosed. Again. I woke up in the middle of the street with the front of a car over me. A guy got out and picked me up and took me to the front of my house as he called the hospital. The ambulance came and brought me here from niceville (look for story 2 please)

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