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As The Light Fades

NOTE: Facts may not be right as I have never tried to commit suicide before. Sorry!

Every story begins with a long explanation of the main character, a place, and/or a time.
This story only has a place and a time.
It all begins for us and may perhaps end here, in the girl’s locker room, during first period.
There’s a girl here, which this story revolves around. While her classmates are in class, she is
sitting on the floor staring at all the empty pill containers.
Pain shoots through her stomach. Her body is telling her ‘Throw it all up! Throw it all up!’ But
she forces it down.
As she sits here for perhaps the last few minutes of her life thoughts drift through her mind.
She hopes she gets through this. She doesn’t want to survive. That would be murder. Wrong
thing. To go through with doctors and therapists. Have people look at her as some kind of freak or feel
sorry and pity her.
She waits and waits. And as she waits she stacks up the empty pill bottles in a little pyramid. You
know how in movies before a person finds the body they see pill containers scattered across the floor.
Stacking them up seemed to make the situation calmer for some odd reason.
A little voice in the girl’s head asks- “Was taking this path the best choice? Why not use a knife or a
gun to make it go faster? How ‘bout a noose? Why not drown yourself?”
The girl gives a little smile as she replies whispering out loud in the empty locker room.
“Knifes? Too messy and bloody. Plus I don’t think I could bring myself to do it,” She closed her
eyes. “Where would I get a gun? Hanging is too scary. And my worst fear is drowning so that’s out of the
question. This was my only other option!”
“Why do this to yourself?” asked the voice.
“I have to! It’s the only way out!” she shouted trying to make herself believe it. She choked and
gasped for air. She hugged herself, clutching her stomach.
“What about God?”
“I don’t know…” She pauses wondering, as it gets harder to speak. “I don’t know what will happen
or where I’m going. All I can do is ask for God’s forgiveness for everything that’s happened and might
happen.” She coughed and her breathing became heavier. Her head was spinning.
Her mind drifts to her journal under her bed mattress. Just that morning she left a long letter in
her journal, saying how much she love everyone and how she will miss them.
Think about it! All the people who loved her and cared about her! Her dad and mom, sister and
brother. Her best friend. All of her friends who were always there for her! Her relatives! Everyone!
Tears formed behind her eyes. Maybe this wasn’t the answer. Maybe there can be another way!
There has to be! Maybe she can stop it! She must!
“Oh God, help me!” she gasped.
Too many maybes and not enough time. The pain is too much. It’s too late.
She hears a scream as she slowly fades away.


That’s it! This is where the story ends.
Did she die? Did by some God giving miracle she survived? Did God forgive her? Did or will
she end up in heaven?…or hell?
She was a normal girl. She had tons of friends and a caring family. A pretty girl. Popular. Had
everything necessary in life.

Why’d she do it?

Maybe it is a simple answer. The pressures of life. Maybe it’s a little more complicated. Maybe
someone talked her into it…maybe she was crazy…maybe something happened, an unexplainable thing, that
she felt she could not escape. Who knows?…who knows.

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