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jasmine's husband sam chpt. 2


The next morning, Sam and Hadley rode in the back of the BMW after dropping the Ghia off at a body shop. Hadley opined that Sam should get a different car and a driver and bodyguard like John. Sam maintained that his car was a classic, and he would drive it until it was as old as Hadley himself. These matters resolved, Sam described his visit from Jasmine. When he finished, Hadley sat in deep thought, then spoke through his cigar smoke.

“Interesting. And by that I mean all of it. Her continuing metamorphosis is as puzzling as her warning. She is indeed treading new ground. Our kind have a well-documented history, and nothing like this has ever been mentioned before. Not in any book or legend. She has become an entirely new type of entity. I was still trying to figure out Chloe Camille!”

“Good luck there. You think this new danger she spoke of is from the Ones?”

“That would be my first guess. They’re not the only fanatical group we know of, but they are an evil and stubborn lot. The fools are after Jasmine to glean knowledge that she herself doesn’t possess...or understand, at any rate. Even worse, I’m sure McGowen has taken control of them. There’d be hell to pay if he should attain her level. There would be no stopping him.”

Sam shuddered at that thought. “She said I should listen to you. Okay, I’m listening. What do you think I should do?”

“This is refreshing! Asking my advice for a change. Very well, let’s brainstorm. You could close up your hovel of an office, and move into my house. I’ve acquired quite an estate in the last few hundred years, as you know. There are parts of the house I don’t even use. You could stay there for the rest of your short little mortal life, if you wanted. It would certainly make my job a lot easier.”

“Your warmth is overwhelming, but I’m not sure I want to live the rest of my life in hiding. Besides, I like my work. I help people. It makes me feel good to reunite a family, or tell someone that their spouse has been faithful after all.”


“Besides, what if I move, and Jasmine can’t find me? I think it’s getting harder for her as it is.”

“She found you at your office. I think she would find you in Hell itself. That aside, maybe a compromise is in order. What about a temporary stay at my house until this new danger passes? You could stay in the guest house in back, if you prefer.”

“You know, they may be afraid to move on us on your home ground. The whole deal would then turn into a waiting game that never ends. Maybe I should stay out in the open, and get it over with.”

“Bait, eh? Draw the bastards out, and end it for good with a flanking attack. I like it, but Jasmine might have my head if we try that.”

“By ‘end it for good’ do you mean kill them?”

“I mean obliterate their blasphemous spotty asses from every level of bloody existence!”

“Uh-huh. That’d show ‘em, all right. I don’t know, Hadley. Let me mull things over for a bit, okay? I’ve already committed to starting a new case. I should get that done before I make any major changes. I’m meeting the client today.”

“How are you doing that? Your ‘classic’ is in the shop.”

“Shit! I forgot.”

“John,” Hadley said to his driver. “Drop me at Cosmos. Then drive Sam to his appointment, and meet me when you’re done.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Thanks, Hadley,” Sam said, and found that he really meant it.
“Don’t mention it. You’re safer with John than you are alone anyway. If anything mortal is sent after you, he’ll crush it like a dry breadstick.”

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