My Bonny Lass | By: Verita Mezza | | Category: Short Story - Lost Love Bookmark and Share

My Bonny Lass

With the winds a-whipping, wailing like a scorned forgotten bride,

my ship I am equipping, sailing unadorned in perilous lowly tide.

I'll brawl, en masse, all the seadogs and whores,

and I'll crawl through the coral and sprawl on the shores,

and I'd fall down a crevasse no man could explore

all to see my bonny lass once again

from the Sargasso Sea to the Barbary Coast,

it's not doubloons nor monsoons that matter the most,

neither blade nor blockade nor a privateer's ghost,

shall keep me from her once again

Iíll set a steadfast course which no one can deter,

for the gleam in her eyes and the stars in the skies all lead me back to her.

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