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The Story Almost Untold

Like all stories this one starts off with a character. In this case, our heroine's name is Marvina.
Marvina owned a small bakery on the northside and was dissatisfied with her life. She was only 23, but
knew that something was missing in her life.

The morning had passed by slowly..3 customers and it was already 11'o'clock.
Marvina yawned and wished that she could sleep in every day...she'd been considering
hiring someone to open the bakery at 5am, but she couldn't afford to. Damn Grandmother
Lisbeth, for leaving her the stupid business..damn Martin for leaving her two days before.
Damn the cop that pulled her over that morning for doing 5 k's over the speed limit. "Damn the world. Damn them all..." she thought.
The bell sounded as the door was suddenly pulled open, Marvina jumped.
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