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The End of the World

The school
- was built by the prefect (about a hundred yrs. ago);
- the prefect is more monstrous than the principal;
- the prefect is somewhat boyish looking (well.. I dunno?)
in fact his a girl;
- has many mysterious creases in its walls (w/c I conclude
the school transforms);
- teachers are talking nuts (wonder no one listens);
- many rooms are guardly closed especially St. Benedict classroom;
- the soil is hard and vibrates when stepped;
- holds a mysterious secret;
- and the prefect knows all about it.

Well... the story starts on a nice sunny day,
teachers crying, students running, guards chasing, principal's drooling,
prefect's boiling (in anger) and Sr. Plummer's peeing...(uhm)
a very large earthquake almost shook the whole planet earth!
during the shaking, teachers yelling, students nodding, guards
stumbling, principal's vomitting, prefect's exploding (in horror)
and Sr. Plummer shoot his head in the toilet.

Too much horror, the prefect called his... I mean, her fractured guards
to guard him... I mean her; but, due to the guards situation,
she managed to stand by herself and announced the
whole school to keep calm; but then again, BBBBBBBOOOOOONNNNNGGGG!!!
an after shock!

Due to this, Sr. Plummer was flushed inside the toilet and drowned
in the septic tanks underneath the school, and the prefect
swallowed the microphone and choked to death... hmm... just kidding.
What happened really was, she vomitted it quickly
and to the prefect's amazement, she shouted,
"The End of the World is here!!!".

Our reaction, you mean? we nod for a while then
we laughed hysterically!!! Prefect again shouted
"Don't laugh or I'll slaughter you all like Pigs!!!"

Our reaction, you mean again? we attacked her and
we roasted her on a slow fire but still alive.
Francsis, my classmate told the prefect to "take her word back".
the prefect was easy to talk; so, she took it back (wouldn't you
apologize, instead of being roasted alive? of course yes... right?)
She was released, and continue talking in front.

To cut the story short, she told us to open the closed
classrooms and even the room of St. Benedict;
to their curiousity and w/out the guards supervision,
we immediately took some still chairs and ransacked the rooms.
We saw hundreds of space suits stacked together in
boxes saying "Don't open until End of the World" and the room
of St. Benedict holds compact food for astronauts, more advanced
space suits(similar to Buzz Lightyear),
more oxygen tanks and space guns.

The question is why Space thingys were put there? For the prefect's
idea, she was about to say was "The End of the World is coming
and the world we are living in is about to be the next!!!" "what's the
space thingys for then?" asked Jeffrey V., "I put space gadgets
there because we are about to leave this planet for the future.
It is a case of moving to other planets and
making it as our new substitute home." Hector asked, "So, how can we
get there? ride the swings and swing so high to reach outer space?"

What we don't know was there's another secret still unreveiled! That
was the.......... To be continued

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