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The End of the World (continued)

.......prefect's reaction was
smiling, while teachers don't want
the secret to be reveiled, for
they want to keep the secrets for themselves and
be the ones to escape planet earth and leaving the
students suffer.

But it was too late for them to keep it while
other secrets are reveiled. So, the prefect answered
the student's question "How to get to outer space?".
She said "That's a nice question; so, how are we going to
outer space without any transportation?" saying that, she
went to here office where she clicks the buzzer for the bell.
Under the buzzer was another buzzer for it was
for... I'll just tell you that the prefect pushed the button.

What happened? you can guess what happened. The ground of
the quadrangle shooked. Others thought it was another
quake. But while it was shaking, the ground
begins to open. It was not actually ground, for it
was actually steel, just covered by soil. While it was opening,
2 enormously odd spaceships were ascending.
The guards who were resting with their fractured legs
on their seats on top of the ground, fell into
opening ground, while the septic tanks (where water, drool,
crap and pee goes) exploded cause of the earthquake
earlier and the pressure while the aircrafts were ascending.
Then Sr. Plummer suddenly flew to the prefect dripping w/
crap and pee mixed together hugging her.

Students nodded at first and laughed after they saw their teachers
but were amazed to see the aircrafts. W/out hesitation, students
questioned no more and rushed in the classrooms getting all the
suits/spacesuits for they want to ride the space ships immediately.
W/out the guard's supervision, other suits ripped off,
food were spoiled, other oxygen tanks exploded due to the cause of
pulling, playing and using it as a bat to bat schoolmates and teachers.

Due to this, others don't have their own spacesuits for it was
ripped and torn. Prefect was again boiling (in anger)
for they were not following the proper order.

Other's like Kevin got the special space suits similar to Buzz
Lightyear w/c involves a special lazer, while others like
like Kenny got the local ones for example, his suit was made of
aluminum foil sewed together, his gloves were that of a surgeon's
gloves, he wears slippers instead of shoes, instead of Oxygen tank
he has 2 Carbon Monoxide Tanks w/c is attached to his helmet
w/c is a fish bowl. Great suit huuh?

The prefect exclaimed that the only ones who has his suit will
be the only ones who can come w/ them and survive. Others were
discouraged and dismayed for they don't have their own suits.
Others said it's unfair, others went home to their family while
others still pulling each others suits in order to survive.

Others like Hector and Mary were crying for Hector has a suit
while Mary has none (they're lovers, that's why). They don't want
to leave each other, so Hector decided to tear the suit into half;
so, each has its own suit and stopped crying. Wise huuh?

Sr. Plummer is still unconscious w/ his back on top of the prefect
dripping w/ crap and pee, the prefect is still having difficulty
lifting the dirty professor up. Talking w/ the mic, still lying down,
she spoke "Form orderly lines of boys and girls separately".
Students won't obey, they stampede into the aircrafts bumping and
stepping to each other. Others can't easily enter the plane for they
are not order and others panic. Suddenly BBBBBBOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMBBBBBBB
But this time it's not stopping!!

The teachers began to pilot the plane, students inside the plane attacked
them and trying to drive the planes instead but the teachers were
strong, they can still drive the plane while students were trying to
bite their ears, poke their eyes, bat their heads w/ their
Oxygen tanks, stomping their feet and breaking their hands.

The position of the earth changed and suddenly...... To be continued

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