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The Aldonn Chronicles Ep2:

Last Week: Aldonn woke up in a jail cell, without any memory of who he was, or where he came from. He befriended an eccentric thief named Frank. After Frank freed them from the cell, they found the prison to be empty, all the guards completely missing.

Edward knew he shouldn’t be staring at the stars when he was on guard duty, but he couldn’t help it. They looked so majestic, so beautiful. The view from the ramparts of the palace allowed for the best view. Watching them, he was reminded of the king’s daughter. Most things reminded him of the king’s daughter.

He was so distracted; he didn’t immediately notice the king come up on him, trailed by servants and guests. Snapping out of his stupor, Edward sprang to attention, “Good evening sir!”

The king smiled at Edward's naivety, “At ease, guard.” The king gestured to the man in robes to his right, “This is Master Salem. He’s a representative from the Mage Tower. We’ll be talking business tonight, and we don’t wish to be disturbed. Is that understood?”

Edward nodded, and the king made for his throne room across the rampart. Edward relaxed and looked back up to the stars.

He was lucky he had, for at that moment, a figure clad in black had leapt from a nearby tower section of the palace, down upon the group. Edward reacted quickly, by wrenching himself to the side. The assassin’s knife missed Ed’s heart, instead striking him in the shoulder.

Edward screamed and fell back, but the attacker hardly took notice, as he expertly made for the king. Edward thought he heard someone bellow something, as the figure brought a second knife down on the king. The knife seemed to hit an invisible barrier and bounced back. This caught the assassin by surprise.

To the king’s right, Salem lifted his hood off his head, and brought his hands together. Whispering the word, “Fire,” he began to rotate his hands, an inch apart, and fire slowly started to generate and channel into a ball. Salem began to mold the orb shaped flame, and add to it, holding it in his hands for a long second, before releasing it towards the attacker. The ball hit the assassin square in the chest, exploding on impact, and throwing the figure away from the king, and off the side of the rampart.

Edward pulled the knife out of his shoulder, and favored it carefully. He moved to the king, but the king pushed him away.

Approaching Salem, the king looked upon him with thanks and awe, “If you were not here, I would be dead.”

Salem nodded, knowingly, “Yes. That is so.”

“My guards have proven to be inadequate. I want a mage at my side.”

Salem nodded again, “It would be our honor to serve. Someone will be at your door by morning.”

Edward straightened and looked to the king, “Meanwhile I will attempt to hunt down the man responsible for the assassination attempt before they have a chance to try again.”

The king turned to Edward with surprise, “You’re injured. Go home…don’t come back.”
Edward paused, shocked.

The king took a deep breath, and solemnly looked Edward directly in the eye, “I’m firing you. Get out.”

* * *

Aldonn and Frank forced their way through the light woods, with twigs snapping beneath their feet.

Aldonn stepped over a fallen log, and yelled to Frank, “Do you even know where we’re going?”

Frank turned back to reply, and tripped over a root. He struggled back to his feet, but his shirt caught on a branch, and tore. He looked at the hole with disdain, “Don’t worry, I’m following the stars.”

“But it’s midday,” remarked Aldonn, as he pushed Frank forward.

Frank stumbled, “What I want to know is, how come I’m so dirty, bloody, sweaty, and gross, yet you look like you just got out of the shower?”


They shuffled past the line of trees, and found themselves on a road. On the other side of the road, a guard tower loomed. A city guard came out from the doorway of the tower, and moved to meet them.

Frank put his hands on his waist, “Ha. Told you I knew where I was going.”

Ignoring Frank, Aldonn reached forward to shake the guard’s hand, when he noticed out of the corner of his eye a sentry on the top of the tower. This guard had a bow in one hand, and a poster in the other. Aldonn grabbed the first guard’s hand, and pulled him close, just as the guard on the roof launched an arrow. The arrow hit the first guard in the back, and he slumped to the ground.

A third guard came out of the tower, unsheathing a sword, and charging for Aldonn. Aldonn pulled a sword from the first guard, and brought it into position in front of him.

The guard on the roof was about to release another arrow, when Frank picked a wood chip from beneath him, and threw it like a knife up to the sentry. The sentry reached for his neck, dropping his bow, and fell forward off the roof to the road below.

The last guard lunged forward, stabbing his sword towards Aldonn’s gut, but Aldonn sucked in his stomach and dodged to the side. Swatting the sword away, Aldonn swung down for the guard’s legs. The guard blocked Aldonn’s sword, but our hero used that opening to punch the guard in the face.

The guard fell, and Aldonn kicked the man’s sword away. Putting his sword at the guard’s neck, he caught his breath and asked, “Why are you trying to kill us?”

Frank came up behind him, and put an arm on his shoulder, “We’re wanted criminals, what do you think?”

“How would they know we’ve escaped?” argued Aldonn, “There’s another reason, and this man knows it.”

The guard suddenly reached out for his sword, and Aldonn, instinctively, sliced his throat. The man reached for his neck, trying desperately to cover the gash.

Aldonn reached for him, “Give me a name, something. Is it about me? Who am I?”

The man struggled to speak, and managed to say, “Not you…Frank.”

Frank looked up, surprised, “What about me?”

“Gatezy…” rasped the guard. Before he could finish, his hand slipped off his neck, and the blood sunk into the ground below.

Aldonn straightened, cleaned his sword, and sheathed it on his belt, “Gatezy?”

Frank gave a nod, “There's only one Gatezy I know, and that's the royal family. King George Gatezy...He lives at a palace in Capsin.”

“Then that’s where we’re headed.” Aldonn proclaimed, as he started down the road.

Frank stopped Aldonn and pointed behind him, “It’s this way. As for speaking to the king, even if we got past the gates, how would we get an audience?”

Aldonn patted his sword, “Leave that to me.”

“Leave that to you,” repeated Frank sceptically, “You’re gonna fight your way through the city guard? That I’d like to see. Speaking of which, it’s mighty convenient that you remember how to fight, when you can’t even remember where you live.”

Aldonn stopped for a second, and looked up to the sun. For the first time, Frank realized how much it must hurt to know nothing of your past.

After a long pause, Aldonn answered Frank, without looking away from the sun, “I was hoping this whole thing was about me, that I would be able to find someone who could tell me who I am. Or at least who I was.”

“But instead it was all my fault…” finished Frank, “Once we’re in Capsin, you can leave me if you want. The guards aren’t looking for you. It’ll be safe. I’ll go into hiding.”

Aldonn shook his head. “You deserve truth in your life as much as I deserve truth in mine.”
Frank squeezed Aldonn’s shoulder, “If there is anyone in this world who can tell you who you really are, he’ll be in Capsin. Come on.”

Frank started off down the road, and Aldonn jogged to catch up.

Snickering slightly, Frank poked Aldonn in the gut, “So, do you think you can teach me some of those moves you did with that sword?”

Aldonn shook his head, “Only if you can teach me how to throw a wood chip like that.”

“Yeah that was pretty awesome, wasn’t it?”

Aldonn laughed before changing the subject, “Do many caravans come through here?”

“Oh yeah, of course. This road goes through every major city, from Capsin to Tessauren. It even leads into our neighboring country of Ysune. We’re sure to bump into someone along the way. Why? What’s your plan?”

“It involves women’s clothing,” answered Aldonn casually.

Frank stopped in surprise, “WHAT!!!”

To be continued By Andrew Geczy

Next week: Answers lie within the walls of Capsin. Our heroes meet up with a man destined to join their quest, but what part will he play? Will Aldonn finally get a lead on his past? Why is Frank Wanted Dead or Alive? And what about the King? Stay Tuned!!!
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