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Music or Joshua Brekke...I Picked The Music

Verse 1-

I didnt ask for roses on my doorstep
I didnt let you forget
The days we would lay at stare
Into one anothers eyes. Pushing back silk hair
From pools of hazel and blue
I'll never forget 'I love you'
My scars are now faded memories on me
My wrists are now gauzed, but not stopping the bleed


I've got salt burning open my flesh
My heart spills out of my chest
My tears are now charcol streaks
Running down my brusied cheeks
I always regret one thing
And thats wearing this silver ring

Verse 2-

And now youre begging for forgiveness
My heart is dying for your kiss
But my slits are screaming
'This is no love he's bringing'
Your hands trace over your marks on my hip
Your fingers brush over my bleeding lip
You say youre sorry for your mistakes and stories
But I'm saying it's too late for sorries



(Chrous 3 times then fades)

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