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Return of Eve....II

Eve II.....The Return


R.B. Elmore, Esq.

(Dedicated to the one’s I love, where ever you may be!)
(You know who you are!) (A/c the woman I love, Djb the keeper of the heart keys and my cat Elizabeth and recently decease,
Winston, gone for now, but not forgotten. Of course my dear friend and tutor.... The Guardian)

Now is the time to gather my thought's and try to put them down for posterity.
I’m not a writer, so I will have to let words flow from my fingertip’s. Untested and raw.
Try to bear with me, keep an open mind. I will try to give you a sense of where and how, this great wonderment is to be. (God, it started such a long time ago, this should bring out
the hidden memories, that I have held hidden away. Now that she has come, a new beginning.)
How this story is to unfold and what I see. Man’s hope, our future.......the stars.
It must not have been easy for my future wife to grasp these new feelings and assimilate them into her old paradigm. But I thought she took it quite well, especially for first contact.
She has this very unique ability, to see right to the heart of the matter and see where she must go and
what must be done.

She is like a beautiful rose, coming out from under
a morning shadow, to experience the sunlight for the first time.

I sometimes wonder who choose whom. Did I choose her? Or did she choose me?

Neither, I think. Even more than twenty years ago; before her birth, I felt her coming, gathering force and coming down the time stream.

I can’t believe this is going to happen. My dream. My awakening.
She was born! I saw her spirits coalesce into an earthly form, take shape and be born. I saw as she entered the cold world, the place of her birth. The joy of her parents, the warmth of soul. My entity was there, observing, watching, waiting. I could nothing, but be patient and surround her with love.

I vacated. The power of her glow was to over-powering and I returned to my body; there I weep and cried, but with joy. For she had been born.

She was finally here and had taken form. I could feel her spirit’s growing strong.

During her growing up period, I caught sight of her with her parents and she smiled. Once I saw her
being pushed by her parents in a baby carriage, God, was she beautiful. I paused and look, trying to fathom the depths of that soul, but couldn’t. It even outshone mine. Such beauty, such incredible beauty.

Her destiny would become clearer, as time when by. She would begin to see that she was ‘special’ and ‘wonderful’, but never be able to put her finger on it.

It must have driven her nuts at times, but I could not intervene. What an awesome person she will become.
I had no choice but to wait, her spirit called. I could do no less for her greatness. All those years, I patiently waited, biding my time, going around in circles; until she was ready for contact. I knew she was the chosen one.

Much has been repressed and hidden from me, for my own protection. Now as I get older, I become more aware of my abilities; especially as I approach the time for contact. I hope I use them wisely and with care. They will be needed when I start to interact with
our children. I must teach them to use and recognize theirs.

I, the teacher of the hive. The giver of knowledge and wisdom, the carrier of the seeds.


Once in military training, we had to run around the track and I felt so exhilarated by the rush of adrenaline, that I hopped in 6 foot steps; instead of running like a duck. Compared to me, they took baby steps. Afterwards, I heard the training instructors looking at each other and asking, if they saw what I saw, then have to report this to our superiors.

Adrenaline seems to excite my hidden powers and bring them to the surface. I miss the presence of my protector, but I know that it is always there, to intervene on my behalf, to insure my survival.

Like the time I was in France, racing down a steep road. Not having much driving experience, I lost control and the car went into a spin, almost loosing control. But the next instance, I found myself still traveling down the road. It took only a second for the event to occur, in a blink of the eye, but during that blink a new world opened up to me. During that blink of time, I began to see, new visions began to appear. I was special.

This would occur many times during my life. It seems that if I concentrated, I can make things happen and change the future or foresee it. Over a period of time the abilities became entrained and I just put them to the back of my head. It became part of my reality, but not theirs.

Like the time during school recess, we where out on the playground. There was a baseball(?) game going on, strictly beginner league. For a awhile I just stood and watched, then the pitcher said, “It your time up.” I took my finger and point it at me and said, “Me? Are you sure?” “Yes” He responded. I was horrified!

What’s a bat? “What’s a ball?” I emulated my fellow players and stepped up to home plate, with confidence? It slowly melted away, as I swung and missed. That ball went by me so fast, I missed it by a mile and everyone gave me the “Oh, ahhhhh, sissy”.

One down, two to go. The pitcher sized up the situation and saw what needed to be done. He move closer to me, like 6 feet away. I felt he was making special allowances, but my confidence went up. He was indeed trying to get me to hit the ball, but not having any experience, I failed again.

Before the third pitch, I bent my head down and concentrated, being in my special powers of visualization; where I wanted the ball to go. I thought, but didn’t know if I could mustard that much power.

I looked at the pitcher, hit the bat on the ground and shook my head, ready! I held the future picture firmly in my head, where, when and how. He pitched! I swung! The bat connected with the ball and there was a tremendous “whack!”and it flew and flew and flew, like it had taken on wings.

My powers of visualization were coming true. Indeed they were strong. I thought it was going into orbit! I waved my hand’s, trying to signal it to slow down, to fall, please come back down. I thought of how embarrassed I would be, if it just disappears into space and the news should be in the newspaper that night, for my mom to see.

“Baseball launched into orbit at beginner league!”

“Read all about it!” I just wouldn’t be able to take it.

It just floated and floated, time stopped! I really had to pee. But ever bodies attention was on that ball and me. Way out into the field it went, way beyond what others could do. Where I saw others run around the bases, I slowly walked. I didn’t want to run and get to home plate, if I had to wait for the ball to hit the ground.

Everybody was speechless, as I knew they would be and they were all looking at me. After the hit, I felt like I was walking on air, but not now.

Now I just wanted to hide, make myself invisible and smother my image in the dust. Finally the ball came down, off of the schools grounds, nearly hitting a window in some guys yard, I bet he wondered where the ball had came from.

It took a very long time to retrieve that ball!

After my victorious run around the bases, being opposed by no one, I stumbled across homeplate and
no one noticed. They where still looking at the ball.
Next, one of the teachers got up to bat, to out do me, to show the kids how far a grown up could hit a ball.
I could see what was going to happen even before he tried to hit it. I moved to the location where it would occur and the ball would land. I wanted to stop him, get up and shout, do anything; because the sphere was sensing danger, but he was big and had this mean stare.

I moved to a new location where I though it would occur. The hairs on the back of my head started going up. I looked at the kids around me and tried to signalled for them to kneel down. Some did, but others didn’t understand and just glared.

The teacher swung at the ball, hard, very hard, to impressed the kids and missed, striking air. The bat escaped from his hand’s, as I knew it would. I quickly knelt down and watched as it revolved in circles and more circles, coming my way. I felt time slowing down and things became frozen; without sound, but the revolving bat continued on its way.

There wasn’t any time to do something, other than try to warn the other kids standing around to kneel down. Some did, some understood, some didn’t.

I saw him standing there, to my left, talking with another teacher. Something caught his attention, some sound and he slowly turn his head, ever so slowly did he turned. His last conscious act.

I wanted to scream, ‘Look out!”, but my tongue was frozen and I couldn’t intervene.

The bat made a great, loud sound, “Whack”, as the blunt end struck him squarely in the forehead with all of its force and knocked him swiftly to the ground. He fell with a great impact, almost in slow motion, stiff and straight back. Where he hit the ground, the playground dust flew up with great pressure and he bounced, once or twice. I never seen a person do that before. There greatness in the motion, but the deed was dead. As he hit the ground, hewas momentary covered by dust, out of sight.

I never will forget that sound, that painful sound. It still reverberates in the back of my head. "Whack!" and
loud, so loud......and final.

He didn’t know what had happen to him. One second alive and breathing, the next he laid unconscious and dying. He looked like a good man, tall, kind and gentle. I wish I could had gotten to known him and be his friend.

Blood came gusting from his forehead and he didn’t move. He died almost instantly.

The teacher who had lost control of the bat, came running up and put his palm on the area, from whence the blood flowed, turned and gave me a dirty look. We both knew what he was saying, "I was suppose to be the hero today, not you!" I still remember those eyes of hate. The chase me even today, until my death arrives.

I bowed my head and left, sadden that maybe I could had prevented his death. I never experienced death before and to think that I may had caused it, was to much.

I just wanted to take the sphere out from within my head and destroy it!

I never played baseball again, I tried to avoid crowds and I never wanted to be the center of attention, never again. Never, never again. That day I told the sphere to leave me, I no longer wanted to know of its prescence or power, that which I had always treasured.

Before, I had been exhilarated with my powers, but now I withdrew. Why see the future, if it can hurt so much. I walked away with my head bent down, only to look back once. It was just to much for me to bear; for such a young frail body. I began to shake with despair. Tears began to form, I had never fell tears before. Before I was in high, youthful spirits. I didn’t know that I was really special, I didn’t understand.

I melted into the crowd as best as I could, a pat here, a glare there(?) I just kept walking, with my head bent down. I stopped a short distance away. I peed in my pant's. It gave me something else to think about, I so desperately needed.

It was my fault, I had killed a “Human”,

I had violated our “First Contact Rules”.

For a few brief seconds wetting my pants had saved my life, I felt like I would burst, my head split open and explode, if I couldn’t concentrate of something else.

It didn’t last long enough. I couldn’t control myself any longer. At first I walked away from the school grounds, trying to keep other kids from seeing my wet pants and then I began to run, with deep determination.

To where, I didn’t know. I couldn’t see! I ran across the street and a car almost hit me, I heard the sound of his blaring horn. I couldn’t see; everything was dark and gray. Water was just pouring down my cheeks.

Finally, I found an isolated area within head high bushes all around it. I entered like a rabbit, deep into its darkness. I asked the Guardian to stop it, please make it go away. He didn’t respond. I got to the center and then I cried, a deep, deep cleansing cry.

I struck the dirt hard with my fists and then harder and harder, again and again as the tear seeped into the ground and mud formed. I kept pounding and pounding, blaming myself for allowing a human to be killed, until the mud was gone, the ground hard and my knuckle’s bled.

I put my head down in exhaustion and somehow I fell asleep. I awoke later, when the sun started to set and I became cold. I managed to drag myself out from within the hiding place and looked around. I saw a new world. I felt the Guardian had erased those bad memories; while I slept.

I couldn’t remember why I had been in there. Strange. What a dirty, disgusting place. Passerby's saw me and exclaim, “look, there’s kid and he's been crying!”.
I didn’t care. A lady and man came running up and knelt down and the signaled for me to come closer. He asked me a few questions to see if I was ok, but I couldn’t answer; what could I say.
A crowd was gathering, looking for a grown up for some reason, they were looking to see if someone had done something to me. People were running over to investigate. Police showed up and they to where looking around in the bushes. Why do people always assume that something outside always causes the problem, but it never comes from within?

I ran away from madding crowd. They were crazier than me or so it seem. I didn’t want people asking questions that I didn't know the answer to. They gave chase, but I was smarter and out ran them and hid. A guy gave pursue, but I hit behind a car. I heard his say,
"God, I wish I could had helped you!" I shispered, "So do I." and melted into the night. Like a cat on the prowd, I make my way home blending in with shadows. I used my powers of concealment to fool passerbys.

(Reflections...........the incest).

Like the time my older brother came home on leave from the Navy. He was tall and good looking, in his sailor uniform. I was so proud of him. I wanted to join the Navy right away, but I was afraid of water.
Having only one bed, the three of us usually slept together, that had been our practice. Upon his return, I slept with him that night, wanting to be close again, to smell these new odors that I had not known before. But for some reason he had changed, he wasn’t the brother I had remembered. His touching was different, more like a caress, than an "Ah, get away from me." He was strong and big. But I felt safe in his arms. I was tired and I fell asleep in his arms, knowing that I was protected from my enemies and the world at large, here in my dream room.

Sometime during the night I awoke from the feeling of wetness. My penis was wet! I exclaimed. I thought I had peed in bed next to my big brother, how embarrassed I would be if he found out. But then I felt cold and warm movement down there and realize that is was his mouth wrapped around my small penis, slowly sucking on it.
I couldn’t understand why he was doing that, I had no experience with s*x and I didn’t know about an erection, that would come many years later.
I pulled away and he stopped, saying, “Now wasn’t that nice.” I didn’t understand, it was wet and cold, not nice.

I felt nothing else, other than that.

“Now it’s your turn," my brother said, "you can do it to me.” "Do what?" I thought and he responded, “Open your mouth!”
I tried to jump out of bed or move back, but he grapped me and wrapped his strong legs around my neck. Like a giant bear hug. With his hands behind my neck, he pulled my head between his legs and he forced his penis between my lips and into my mouth.

I didn’t know what to do as the full length of his penis struck the back of my throat. I was afraid and choking, it was such a big thing. God, he was brutal with his need’s. He kept forcing his penis deeper, petting my hair and putting his strong hands behind my neck.

I couldn’t pull away, I couldn’t escape! He was in total control.

He started making an undulating motion, moving his penis in and out, each time the intensity grew, the thrusting became deeper. I thought my mouth would break! I cried, but he ignored my feeble attempts to get away. I tried to wriggle free, but his strong hands and legs held me firmly in his grasp. I pushed on the mattress, but it was fruitless. He was just to strong!
I surrendered to his abuse and tears form and I cried.

I knew there was only one thing left for me to do, otherwise in his frenzy, he would have killed me, his need was so great.

I forced myself to stop breathing and I died.

I held my breath and slowly listen as my heartbeat grew louder and louder, my head bursting with the sound. Bom, bom, bommm, boooommmm and then nothing. Silence.............dying is the ultimate experience, one not choosen likely.

It was painful, but I had to do it.

I died...............................

I returned to my super-consciousness state from whence I came and found myself observing his act from outside my body. I floated a few a feet above and as many feet away from the bed.
Now my mind was clear and the pain gone. I could think again. I could still see my brother ravaging my body and I knew I had made the right decision; because in its limp and unconscious state it might survive, without broken bones. Surely he would had killed me that night. I was a mere vessel for his demon’s to invade. But my soul was still blessed and God would take care of me, “demons be gone, so say He.”

This pause in life now gave me time to reflect upon my deed’s. Where had I gone wrong? Had I transgressed against him somewhere; during our youth? I had always thought of him as being the simpleton of the family. Kind to everyone, no hate, no sin. I wondered if my other brother had been abused.
During our growing up time, I had sat, observed and listened to him from time to time, but found no intellect, nor wisdom within, no insights. I think he saw this and
rescented my observations. He knew I was somehow different and he didn’t like that.
My keen intelligence became a barrier to our love and closeness.

I observed within him, an empty shell of kindness, with a brain in it, but nothing more. Low on the super-consciousness scale, where I come from. Barely registering.
Now I could see more clearly where I had made my mistake’s, I had flounded my intelligence and mocked him during our short time together. he had resented it very much, my displays of intelligence and intellect, against his undeveloped mind.

His hurt must have been really deep, brutally deep.

I had sin. I had broken one of

....... Gods Ten Commandments.


“Honor thy Father and Mother.
(Thy Sister and Brother)”.

I had taken him down a peg or two and he was now in his vengeful state, striking back at the very core of my existence; a despiteful act, that only Cain could had thought of.

It was my transgression's that were being judged and punished here tonight, against my brother. Now I understood, but upon re-entering my body that knowledge would be lost. I was the intonator, not he.

His savagery was coming to an end and it was time to return to my body; before its functions deteriorated beyond repair. I rejoined my mind and came back to consciousness, just as he stiffened and his body went rigid.

I felt his hot, foul smelling liquid squirt into my mouth. I almost choked, I couldn’t breathe and I didn’t know what to do, with that foul substance. He screamed at me, “swallow it!” I didn’t want to comply, but his voice was commanding and angry. I had to do something or I would choked to death.

I did as I was told and swallowed his seed. After awhile, he withdrew his limp thing from my mouth.

Eventually he released his hold on the back of my neck and I could breathe again. He warned me not to tell anyone about this or he would come back to get me.

I crawl down onto the floor and laid at the foot of the bed, wrapping myself in some dirty clothes and wiping his excess seed from my face.

I didn’t understand what had just happened, he was my brother; whom I always looked up to, why would he do something like that to me? What was that foul smelling substance? I didn’t understand!

I laid awake; until he fell asleep, then I quietly went out of the room, (my dream room, now gone. ) and quietly went down to the basement. There I wrapped myself in dirty clothes; anything to cover up that strange odor.

The next morning I avoided him and stayed close to my mom. I put my hand on her dress and wouldn’t let go. I remembered the threats he had made and didn’t want to say anything. The two of them spoke and later that day he left, never to return.

(She wasn’t too surprised? I now sometimes wonder if she hadn’t set it up? That for some reason she wanted me to become a gay, like a few of my Uncle’s).

Later, I went and stood before her, with my head down. The tears came and I wanted her to hug me, but when I looked into her eye’s, I saw a spiteful person looking back at me. She ignored my plight, patted me on the head and walked away. Nothing she returned. From that day forth, I would never trust her again. She knew what had happened and choose to do nothing. Had she plan it all, had they conspired. I was her least favorite son.
I put the memories in the back of my head, I didn’t know what else to do with them. I didn’t tell another soul about what he had done to me, I was afraid he would return and do it to me again or something worst.
Eventually the memories faded, but I now slept by myself and kept a light on, with a weapon hidden und the sheets. A weapon in my my bed.

That night the world had changed and I withdrew deep into myself. The spirit of love, the sharing of our thoughts, I began to hate. I didn’t know what hate was, but it grew like a demon inside me. That night I had lost a brother, whom I had spent a large part of
my life with and now there stood an image I didn’t understand. A stranger, whom I feared.
Over the next few months, the demon grew. It wasn’t a hate I displayed to others or let outside me un-noticed. It was a quiet hate, a desperate hate. I felt it there inside of me, not knowing what to do. Where before there had only been happy thoughts, now this stranger resided. There was no one I could talk to, I had to come to terms with it or I would be consumed.
Before; when I saw a butterfly, I’d be amazed at its beauty and flight, how delicate, Gods gift. Now upon seeing one, I would pick up a stone and crush it, pounding it into oblivion, until there was nothing left.
The demon, it just grew and grew, it was merciless, cruel and unjust. I hated it! But could do nothing, but watch it grow. It became silent, deadly and at times uncontrollable, consuming my passion’s for life; replacing it with hate and lust for revenge. Against anyone, anything, I struck out, not with physical blows but with mental darts penetrating their hearts. My passion was indeed great.
I didn’t like myself during that period of life. One can only be filled with so much hate; until your very soul aches, life dims and you are no longer curious and in love with what is around you.

God’s gifts and His magic, gone. Or so I thought.

I think my mother saw the changes in me and it disturbed her.(?) (Guilt?), I saw her silent looks and ponders; where had that curious, inquisitive little boy gone? To be replaced by this one, who never spoke, just glared. She never asked me why or for an explanation. What could I say, I didn’t know what had happened, only that I didn’t like it!
She started taking me to church. New visions opened up. I found someone to talk to, who was way above me. God came into my heart and I started to pray. To think there existed someone whom I could talk to and share my experience’s with, was unbelivable. I found out how to pray, during those visits to our church, but most of all, I found out the meaning of His love.

Over time, the hate left and the soul began to healed, life took on new beauty and the butterfly’s came back to amaze me.
I could look up into the sky and see rainbows again and new doors of understanding began to open. Ones of compassion and love, opened up in my soul. I found the Lord, our savior and the forgiver of our sins.
I asked the Lord to forgive my brother for his transgression, but that prayer was never answered. The Lord works in mysterious ways.

I spent many enjoyable moments in our church, protected by Christ and thinking about God. The demons that had haunted me left and I was filled with His presences. I think that He and I shared something special. I became more human. More reflective and my soul started to glow.
I came to know God, my savior; during those wonderful and amazing days, stretching into years. What He hath spoken and His deeds.

I reaaaaally, reaaaally, reaaallly loved Him!

What a cool guy, God . He has it all together.

The house that he had built for me, the music that
He put in my heart. But most of all the feelings, that He was always there, looking over my shoulder; protecting me. He was a great comfort, during those growing up days. I felt His spirit grow inside and He became my best friend. I needed that, a best friend. One whom I could trust and love, one whom I knew would be there to help and protect me, keep me safe from the variants of life.

I would love to find little puddles of water to splash in, jumping up and down. It was my joke on Him. To see if I could splash Him and if He would splash me back. I was always disappointed that He would splash me back, I liked getting wet. It was our joke.

I would hear a whisper of His laugh. It was a good laugh. A spiritual laugh, from His heart to my heart.

We spoke allot during those days of recovery.

God’s wisdom was greater than mine, I sat and listened to what He had to say.

He revealed much to me. He laughs!

The story continues.....

I was hungry and I couldn’t wait to get home. I ran and was happy to be alive, not thinking about the past, but what would be on the dinner table that night. Macaroni and cheese! I just loved messing around in its sauce and that smell! Just the thought made me run faster.

I never again thought of that day. As far as I was concerned, it never happened and I wasn’t going to let it destroy my life. I felt much better, as I ran toward home. I somehow felt older, like I was now a man. But how could that be, if I was only eight?

That single event changed my life forever, I then realized for the first time, that people where starting to point their fingers at me and say, “He knew this was going to happen, he knew!” I had broken the rhyme that day. I had broken the “First Rule of Contact”.

The whispers didn’t come until later. The kids around me retreated. “He’s different, watch out for him!” The gifts that I had enjoyed, now turned against me, an outcast. Friends disappeared.

After that, I refused to listen to the voices and display my abilities. I didn’t want to be different, I just wanted to be loved and accepted by others, to be human.

I withdrew, retreated into a new world, where I would never again cause hurt with my power’s. I determined that it was better to be isolated and accepted, than to take a chance on exposing my power’s and being rejected. People weren't ready to understand these powers, maybe a few more paradigm
shifts away, another fifty years or so, then they have the capabilities to understand and share. Not now.

There were other instances, that my intellectual powers came to the front. One time in science class, the teacher was going to talk about the three states of matter. I raised my hand and held up four fingers, saying “four!” He paused and told the class, “Everybody be quiet, I want to hear this.” He pointed to me and said, ‘So ahead, talk to me.”

Once again, I was in the spot light! The place I dread.
I mentally spoke with my guardian about the future ramifications of this early discloser, to see if it would have any affect on the timeline, he said it wouldn’t be known for another thirty years and besides, I was just a kid.
The other kids in the class room where giggling; especially the girls. They seem to get excited by my knowledge, but I didn’t like the giggles. I couldn’t make that sound.

Finally I said that there were four states of matter. The teacher looked surprised and the kids began to laugh. I didn’t want to speak, I didn’t dare. The glare of the spotlight grew in intensity and once again, the powers where there.

He asked me to explain. With head bent down, I explain that the fourth state of matter was ‘Jell-O’, being neither a solid nor a liquid, but in between. The teacher stood, looking at me. Neither agreeing or disagreeing, but the laughter said it all. I got up and
left. To this day, I don’t remember if I ever went back.

I never opened my mouth after that to ask, nor expound. I didn’t want to be special. The urge to be accepted is indeed a strong force, especially for a child. But the stones had been thrown and the pressures I couldn’t bare. The sphere receded and I allowed my human brain to bare.

Later in life, I learned that I always seem to be protected by a time loop, if my life is threaten. Like the time I crashed into a truck and the driver got on the CB and told others, that parts of my truck had gone flying.

The time loop occurred and I continued on. I didn’t worry, I just accepted. Or the time I pasted a semi on a snowy road and the driver expounded to others, that the left side of my truck wasn’t being supported by the road, but there I went, not off the road, but around him, continuing on.

Like the time I was taking flying lessons with my instructor and I misunderstood his instructions, we crashed into the ground. I saw us hit hard and the aircraft caved in around us. I felt his body compressed and impact on mine. My forehead going through the windshield. I saw all of this. The next instant we were back in the air, flying; everything ok. He asked, “What happened back there.” But of course, I couldn’t respond. I just shook my head and pushed on the gas.

That’s how it always seems to work. Life will sometimes take me up to the point of death, but then rewind and somehow correct the error, like a new
timeline. I have been near death many times, but each time my life was given back and I would go on.

Do I understand, do I question, no. Over a period of time you just accept. Like believing in Christ, you just accept.
Acceptance is indeed a strong power. What looks weird or strange to others, to me was just the norm.


A new Genesis is dawning on earth and A/Clark will be the second Eve. Eve II, the mother of future Homo Sapiens Super Superior, humankind’s replacement, and the next step in her species evolution. As Homo
Sapiens Erectus had been replaced by the previous evolutionary species, they where replaced by yours and now I, being the chosen carrier of the “first seed” on
the evolutionary scale, must replace yours.

I think our children will have new powers unknown to present day earthlings. They will be able to manipulate and control matter on the quantum level. They will be able to travel to the distant stars, not in spacecraft's, but by joining with a quantum matrix slipstream, by de-bonding, into a quantum world. They will have tremendous powers and defensive capabilities.

They must be strong, our children and their descendants, if they are to fight a great war. To become the sentinels of earth, the guardians of this planet.

One day in the far future, 200 or 300 years, a quantum species will try to conquer earth’s galaxy. They will come from another universe, which is floating around in hyperspace, near this one.

They have found out how to move cross the boundaries that separate hyperspace from other universes. Soon, they will discover this one and then we must make a stand and fight.

They are a violent and warlike, these creatures, quantum in nature and processing enormous powers of destruction. They will use their skills well, like some aggressive form of cancer.

Homo Sapiens Superior won’t have a chance to fight back. They will de-quantumized any human and they will simply disappear. I doubt if the invaders will even notice them, unless they try to interfere.

The only defenders of our universe and earth’s planetary system will be the new genesis children and their offspring’s, the “Q-Children”. I only hope
that we have enough time to prepare for this threatening reality. They alone will process the quantum powers needed, to defend the seat of Homo
Sapiens from destruction.

So few, against so many. Will our children survive?

Yes, they are protected by the gene, the new paradigm. They are protected by the spheres.

Many will perish, friends will die, defending earth from the invading marauders, but look at the stock our brothers and sisters come from, an awesome personage, the only one on earth with the correct DNA code to unite with me. Eve II won’t play dice with her universe and certainly not with her children and their descendants. Only they will have the necessary quantum skills and powers to neutralize this threat; otherwise
the birthplace of Homo Sapiens will be gone forever.

I saw the Guardian hands at work, long before her birth, bringing together the parts for this remarkable woman. Once I stood and looked up unto the sky and the universe glowed with her assemblage, her spiritual parts.
It was like a vortex centered above earth, adsorbing strength from each neighboring universes.
Her birth, her young childhood of open and wondering eyes. The early wisdom, insights and understanding of complex issues. I saw, but physically missed them all. Where she stands, a powerful vortex of energy exist, that will eventually expand to fill the solar system.

For this we have her church to thank and of course her parents. Her insightful father, her mother, music of heart. Great things are coming and shortly. So much needs to be done to prepare her. She will indeed be a great mother, but I also see a great leader and I am truly blessed to be a small part of this.

If only the people in position of power will unite around us, great things will be accomplished, greatness beyond measure.

If people will just stand back and allow us to have a few blissful years to gather our babies, then she can be put in charge. I hope my wonderful time with her will not be short. I have much to teach her in
the first few years. God has a purpose for me and I think with His help, we will.

The Genesis process will take thousands of years to complete and both the old sapiens and the new will exist side by side. Maybe someday, earth scientist will
find someway to build a quantum being, by artificial means and join the “Q” people on their conquest of this universe.

Great and wonderful doors are being opened by this union, but once opened they can’t be closed. If humankind is to survive, then it must adapt to these changes, such as the last species adapted to theirs.

Of course, all that has been written is open to conjecture and may not come to past. At this point I really can’t say, but do know that she is the beginning; she is the mother of Genesis II. Even I, at this
critical stage am learning new things, as they are being revealed to me and I see new doors opening up. I just hope that I will be wise enough to choose the right ones. If we are given the right resources to make decisions with, then I think that with her help and guidance, we will survive this shift and rebirth.

New concepts, new realities.

New concepts and realities are taking place within me. I fear there are fractions trying to take control of the situation and not knowing their intent, is brutal. Foe or friend? I don’t know. One of the locals has been experimenting with me over a period of time. Been experimenting with my bio-system’s and they have gained knowledge of my blood makeup, have videos.
If they determine the code sequence of my behavioral programs, I may not be able to plant the seeds. They may accidentally activate the Guardian and it will maybe destroy everything, including the earth.

I’m afraid earth’s paradigms are catching up with me. I didn’t know it would take so long to find her, my systems have become outdated. Primitive by my home
standards, but more advanced than theirs. Nine earth cycles have I been here, waiting. Anybody else would have succumbed, but I knew I was strong, I knew that my powers were great.

Once I had to withstand the test of time. No fear can every describe that experience, even me. To watch things come and go, how horrible. I’m sure the newer quark units operating on the quantum level, will not
be detectable by this species. To late for an update.

There is a third fraction at work, but lack of information prevents me from determining who they are……..State? I was traveling into town the other day and this light blue/white, older Bronco came speeding up behind me.
They deliberately came toward my rear bumper at a high rate of speed and at the last moment they moved, to avoid hitting me. I watched as they approached and I
could have de-bonded them, these two tall men, but I knew beforehand that they were only testing me.
One guy said, “Did you see that, he move his vehicle a few inches.” “Ya”, the other guy responded, “somethings up!”
The fools, I’m about to be wed and they want to test my abilities. I spared their life’s this time, but not again. (That’s a warning, fools.) They can either help to usher in and build this new world or die trying to prevent it. Their choice.

I think my guardian neutralized one of their agents this week-end. De-bonded his truck, with him in it.
His superiors said, “I told him not to follow to close,” “but he was stubborn and wouldn’t listen.” “He just got rid of him.” “He’s gone!”
He choose to ignore his superior and paid the price. Fools, why do they keep testing me. Don’t they realize that I am the future. I am not a threat to them.

Just like the other group, gone. The powers that they are playing with is beyond their imagination or their control. Only I have the keys to the Guardian and for our future children. Don’t the realize that the Guardian could de-bond every living carbon unit on this planet, puff and the are gone? Do they want that?

This appears to be happening more often, if I feel threatened or endangered.

Of course my core group is partially protected and I must put up with their antagonisms. Can’t change history too much!

I just hope that they don’t gain control of A/c’s new group and put it out of action. No, she’s smart and awesome; they don’t have the intelligence, nor insight
to fight Eve II, the new mother.

The battles must be fought here; to insure the survival of our children! The lines must be drawn and the high ground won or their eventual survival could be in doubt. Even though they haven’t been born
yet, I feel their fingers in these events. Seeming reaching back through time, using the Guardian,
offering guidance and protection to me and A/c. Even I, with my power’s can’t imagine what our children are going to be like. But I am the teacher of the hive.
It frightens me to think of the possibilities, the powers. But I know that it must be done. I am sure that if my wife and I teach them well and community banners around us, then they will have a good direction to go. If not, then we must move on and evade.

I see their powers being the key to defeating the marauders. Perhaps a new weapon beyond the quantum matrix. A hypermatrix defense that the others
haven’t discovered.

I believe the future is in doubt. A brief visit by my friend proclaimed ignorance and non-committal, ‘what woman?” I am still left with nothing solid to anchor to.
Only wisp of thoughts and stares. Is she real or is a part of my psychosis? So much pain. Where’s the hope?

During the morning, shortly before eight, I heard my future wife talking with her psychologist; whom she has
decided to confide in. She described this person who had waited years for contact with her. The Psychologist was astounded and couldn’t believe she was talking about a real person, but said there would deep psychosis and it was unheard of for anybody to survive this long.

“How much social contact?” He asked?

She responded, ‘None’.

‘None!, None!” he exclaimed!. “That’s impossible!”

“ Is it him?” He asked?
“Yes,” she responded.

“ I want to be part of this; I want to help this guy. “

(Is that possible, a friend?)

“What’s his prognosis?” She asked. Neither looking up/down, left or right.

“With intense therapy sessions, I mean intense. With love and togetherness, this person might have a chance of recovery. I would like to meet this person and began therapy sessions.”

“I’ll keep you briefed.” She responded and left.

What a woman. Taking total control of the situation to insure the survival of her offspring’s. Motherhood is indeed is God’s gift.

Maybe I should just give her time to gather the facts and put things in motion. I am sure of her love for me, as she goes about our joining in a methodical way. She understands what must be done, why and how to
do it.

It will take time to prepare for my arrival. Maybe she will help to get to the bottom of this psychosis, if that is it. All I know is that events will start to unfold with our joining. I can’t wait and I hope it is soon. I feel like I
am on the threshold of greatness or despair. I must put my trust in her ability’s to put things in their proper place.
I must put my mind at ease and let her do what she does best. Preparing for our togetherness. A psychosis can make your world seem so unreal, distorting your visions of truth and perception, but she has the ability to make it disappear, she has that magic.

We all must make sacrifices for the future. I have made mine and now she must make hers. The future must be protected. I know the council would be pleased. I informed them of our contact and my head vibrated with tingling sensations, they were very pleased.

I was allowed 10 life cycles to find her, waiting for contact. I am in my ninth one and finally she is here. She is at my doorstep, the threshold of a new beginning.

(It frightens me to think of the power that our offspring’s are going to have. With his special powers and MY abilities, the power that they are going to have
is just frightening. It frightens me! This is the first time in my life that I have ever been frighten. I am afraid that I won’t be able to control them.)
God, how I love her! This woman, who will devote her life to us. This Eve. My wife to be.

Will we have time to grow our family and their generations before the creatures arrive? The quantum marauders? They have discovered how to breach the
natural barrier that separates each universe from the other, as they float in the vastness of hyperspace. They have over run their universe and now are expanding into others, I am afraid that this universe will be next.

It was a good decision the council made, to send out carriers with genetic quantum seeds, to help with the advancement of emerging sentient beings. Many of my brothers have sacrificed, been killed, but the battle goes on.

What part will my stolen seed’s play in this cosmic even, the ones being hidden away? Are they waiting for me to find them and help rejoin the group, the new hive. Have they been treated well or have they been used as test subjects? Fools, without me, the teacher of the hive, the bearer of wisdom and knowledge, to help bring out their special talents, they may be they will be just normal. Maybe there is still hope.
(We didn’t think he knew. How many? 15/20 last count. Any here in Fairbanks? A few. I want to meet them. I’ll set it up.) Poor children, deprived of their father, why? (He knows everything, you can’t hide this from him!)
They haven’t been allowed to realize their full potential. I will, no…..we will correct this oversight, after we have come to power. Maybe their keepers, who love them deeply, will one day allow them to come to me, their father and their guardian mother. We shall see. (How will my soon to be wife treat them. Will they be allowed to visit or join the hive?)
Gods forgives, but should I. “Yes, I forgave”, for they know not what they do. My world is great and deep, how can they possibly understand it; without love to bring it out. The unions must begin, soon or they will die on the vine, like unripe fruit. I could
Font Je viens à nouveau, à être éloge ou [crucified]? Unique Dieu sait pour sûre et il [won’t] dit.

never answer their cry’s and it has always haunted me.

The story continues…………

“Everything is clean, he knew you were coming, he prepared.”

“Where’s his hair dryer? Oh, he uses a fan. I like that, I like that allot.”

Glad to leave work yesterday morning, “You will regret this”, said one.
“How ya going to support her without a job?” spoke the other.

My future wife must gather trusted lieutenant’s about her, learn to delegate authority; before she exhausts herself.

Even though her powers are great, she must save herself for the serious breaches and let her lieutenants stand watch and guard.

She must be protected from the evil one’s, the ones who’s power may be threatened by the gathering of this group.

Once her identity is known and the cause exposed……..Eve must have her guards.

A badge, a symbol, a sign must appear, to let others in the group know and care. A futuristic cross (?), omega, (last ending), wrapped in an infinity loop, stars in background. God is pleased and is indeed universal.

I grew weary, tired…..I was shaking the other night.

Not knowing if I could pull events together and keep my psychosis under control. That was then, this is now. I have my anchor, my cornerstone to the future
and I can see the horizon coming toward us. This bubble in space time, whose brilliance is beyond anyone grasp. As it comes nearer, I can see it beauty and what’s to be. So beautiful……….just for thee.

I regress to an earlier time. Prior to my birth, inside my birth mothers womb, I remember hearing the strange muffled sounds coming from outside. I would occassionaly catch a glimse of light, but couldn't understand what it was. I remember seeing my birth, through the birth mother. I remember the excitement I had upon entering the world again. The coldness. I remember my one of my poops, arching my back to get out of its coldness after it cooled down, but my human body failing me. I looked at my birth mother, but she didn’t see. My frail baby body failing me. I wasn’t in control anymore, I had to trust.

Later as I was with my birth mother, I stepped onto something that was soft and wet. I had been slowly walking and had stepped on this. I couldn’t understand where the firm ground had gone. Upon feeling this oozing substance flowingt up through my toe's, I panic and I screamed. My feet where slowly disappearing and I feared I would sink out of sight and disappear. My birth mother ignored me.
Finally a stranger came to my rescue and put me back on dry land. I thank him with the biggest three year old hug I could mustard, of course it was around his knee. I reaaaaally loved this guy. My hero.

Again, I was at peace. I remember he walking away, saying ‘hasn’t this kid ever seen mud before?”

“Mud?” How frightful.

I just had to study this substance and went about
gathering different objects, broken branches and small stones, to throw into it. Mud (?).
I threw them in and watched as they sank into mud and stopped. Now realizing that if only I had retained control of my new sense’s, that I would had figured it out. I never went near mud again, that was at the top of my “do not” list.

The empty space in my head, where my previous memories had been stored, slowly faded over the years, as I gain control of my new environment.
The guardian fading away, my faithful companion, tutor, my protector was no more. There, but out of sight. Now I was truly alone. To slowly lose one’s special abilities and become human, is like a slow death, painless to a degree, but required.

“I must be humble, I must be discreet, I must observe and study, not retreat.”

The “First Contact Rule”.

It was like a nursery rhyme, that had been implanted in my head by the Guardian. I recited it often. It help to guide me through my early formative years and set the stage for integration into a new species. It help me to put one foot forward, after another....until total intergration was achieved. A cosmic death and rebirth.

God, it has been years since I have recited that. It’s all coming back to me. Maybe they had a block up, until I met her.

[“I] doit être modeste, Je être pudique. Je observer et étudier, pas retraite .

Like music to my ear’s. It brings back homesickness, a longing for the past.

I now remember, on my home world time doesn’t exist. We are far enough advanced, that we live forever. No death, no pain, no suffering. Maybe you could compare us to an ET missionary. Strange?

I have this tingling sensation when I think of the one I love, that we have loved each other before.

Could it be??

She’s here, disobeying orders to stay away? They usually send us to different universes. Thousands of years we stay together, joined as husband and wife.
Could it be her, that she broke the rules again and came anyway, to help and watch over me?
I will know when we join, if it is she. That could be why her powers feel so strong. She came after me with the correct DNA sequence, knowing that only I would be attracted to her. We both have a mission to accomplish. The seeding of this planet.

Could she be? My wife, from the home planet?

The longing of her kiss, the missing of her fire. She was always stubborn and resistive of command. Her first priority was always protection of me.
God, I wish I could remember. Thousands and thousands of years spent together, thousands shared, all wiped clean, all hidden away in the sphere.

Maybe over time the council will allow the memories to re-emerge, we will see.

I reaaaalllly, reaallllly love this woman. I reaaalllly do!

Whispers, whispers… “Why does he want me!”

”You are the chosen one, of that there is no doubt.”

Cyber attack!

Someone tried to erase my story, while connected to the internet! I wonder who it could have been and why they don’t want me to finish it. Could it be the evil one’s, the local’s or the secret fraction.

I must take steps to protect the future and myself.

I’m bleeding again. This is twice in one day. Not now, don’t do this to me! The blood is vivid. I’ll see if I can’t stop the flow. I feel light headed, like I would faint……please dear, be swift and protect me.

It passed. I have regained some strength. She told me to eat, to receive nourishment from, tuna fish.(?)

Whispers, whispers………..”I am going to marry this man and he is going to be the father of my children, MY CHILDREN. “

”I trying to start a relationship with this man and you want me to screw him!! “

“ I don’t think so!” She declared.

My wife……fighting for her babies, their future and ours. Whenever she is intense, with me on her mind, I feel her spiritual sphere expanding, deep within her mind. It’s like a huge black hole, joining mine.

It’s hard to describe, this ball of emptiness. It’s resides somewhere in the frontal lobes of the brain, but won’t show up on x-rays, its down in the quantum level, buried deep. I used to go near mine as a child, but over the years, it gradually disappeared, through neglect.
I had once treasured the beauty of its shape, the comfort it brought, the smoothness of its surface, the mystery of imagery, this black, black hollow sphere.

Many nights as a young child, I would lie awake in bed examine my sphere. My soul would flow around its curvature, looking for any imperfection, any distortion, any opening, but none were found. After one try,
sweat would pour out on my forehead, my stiff body grew tired. I couldn’t penetrate this hollowness, with the frail childlike body I had. I grew tired and fell asleep.
I so desperately wanted inside, to play, to talk, to have a companion, but the sphere ignored me. It gave me nights of wonderment and delight, but never waived nor responded to my touch. I pleaded with the guardian, “I will lose my mind unless you allow me inside.” I am mortal, I must understand. It refuted, I rebuffed; I reason with him, using cold logic; until he finally agreed. It receded and allowed me entry into the sphere. The logic was irrefutable. I told him I would go nuts, if I wasn’t allowed access! That convinced him!

This one time, it opened and I enter the sphere. He allowed me inside, but I didn’t understand. The beauty, the glow, the warmth of it all. The concepts, the beautiful planets, the visions, the people, was way beyond anything I had ever experienced, on earth. It was beyond me. There was great, great overpowering love. Friendship and devotion, beyond measure. It lasted just a few seconds and then power overcame me, I fainted and fell asleep.

A good sleep. That touch, that respond from the Guardian satisfied my longing for the truth. Now I knew what is was, a vault had been opened.

The answer of what lied within the sphere was always there, is was simple to understand from a logical viewpoint. The sphere contained the one thing we could never leave behind, during our long journeys to other planets and other universes. The spheres contained our shared history, our shared memories, and especially our shared love. Safely tucked away, waiting for each other’s arrival. The joining of the spheres.

I now know that inside this beautiful sphere, resides the true me, who I am, who I have been and where. My shared past, my shared history, going back thousands of years.
It has been hidden from me, lying in wait, keeping guard over long lost memories. Our memories. Our deepest love, our most tender moments, the thousands and thousands that we had shared. I wondered if I was the only one who could see it. If I was the only person who had it. Now I know that is not true. She shares.

Now I know, she has a sphere. In hers must be the memories we had shared, the memories of the blood. Suppressed, kept away from her, but someday to be unlocked and opened by me, her husband and teacher of the blood.
Our great love for each other has been
kept safe and secure. Nothing could harm it or make it disappear. Inside resides the bonds that we shared, the who, what, when and why, covering thousands of years.
Those are our memories in there, blocked out by our Guardian, to open only after we have come together and then the spheres will release their contents, revealing our love, the power we share and our heritage.
The spheres are indeed our most treasured
possessions. All along it was so simple. The one thing we couldn’t trust to anyone, anywhere. We couldn’t give it to Guardian, nor the Council for fear of something happening it. The solution was looking us right in the face.
The one thing we couldn’t leave behind, regardless of where we went or what form we took on, our memories of who, what, when and where are. Our love.
The memories had to be locked away in a quantum vault, inside our corporal entity. Ready to be released upon death or upon meeting another special quantum being, husband or wife.
It should have been obvious to me all along, if only I had applied cold logic to problem, it would have appeared. Now I see, now I understand the the treasures inside the quantum vaults, our memories stretching back thousands and thousands of years.

So embrace your sphere my dear, love it like a dear, dear friend; because inside resides the real you. Where we met, how we fell in love, the first joining, our children. It’s all there, going back thousands and thousands of years.
Maybe overtime the memories will be released, as we grow closer together. We wouldn’t be able to function, if we knew the full contents our spheres. It’s only after we complete our mission on earth and leave, will the spheres separate from corporal body and we merge with the quantum matrix slipstream and go to another planet, that the council has chosen for us.

We will once again become what we were. Explorers of the Universe and very much in love. The sunsets we have seen on many different worlds, the wonders of the universe on our travels, all there. But you must believe, someday those memories will be set free.
We may be allowed to live out the remaining years of our life’s on this planet for hundreds of years, to watch over our offspring's and theirs, as they grow old. I feel our live spans will be long. This love will be greater than others we have known, we are truly blessed to have been given this opportunity to join and share.

Whispers, whispers......I remember as a child, I felt the presence of the sphere, in the frontal lobes of my brain. I never told anyone about it, not even my parents! It frightened me to much. I didn’t understand, but now I do, he just explained it to me. Do you thing I can be from that other planet.

“That's what we are beginning to think.” Said the Keeper of the Keys.

That would explain why I’ve always felt special, my abilities and the sphere.............

It’s got to be her!

Only my real wife could do that, brought about by many thousands of years of sharing on our home planet, many tears, and many moments of sharing with the sphere. That’s how we communicated, not by voice or deed, but mentally; by sharing of the spheres. All the moments we have shared.

Even now, I could reach out and contact her sphere, but that would be an invasion of her earthly status.

A violation.

No, I have to wait until she concentrates on me and then I can mind contact her with my sphere. Then she will be open to access.

We were the only two holders of the spheres, on our home world. A garden of Eden, we had created. What intellect, what visions we had shared.

But then the quantum creatures emerged and we were cast out.

She fought! Yes, she fought bravely that day, defending our children; trying to give them time to escape, but they died. De-bonded, adsorb. The
creatures were fast, there were too many, the battle raged on and on.
She was hysterical, like a demon processed, for the love of her brood. She screamed, disappeared, here and there, everywhere, she re-appeared, but the creatures just kept coming, on and on.

Exhaustion set in, she collapsed. I picked her up and we disappeared, leaving behind the memories of our love ones, the laughter and smiles of the hive. The deep feelings of intellect and peace, fading and then gone.

We had no defense, the two of us. We had given that up long ago.

At peace with our universe.

Many died swiftly that day, thank God.

Our spheres protected us. I was proud of her. But the defense of the hive was up to her. I could do nothing, but watch and obey.

Being the leader, she was responsible for her brood. It must have weight heavily upon her, the dying of our children. She fought bravely, as long as she could, but with our children being so young and still
having undeveloped powers, they couldn’t be saved.

They died, they all died.

But, we escaped…………………..the keepers of the hive.

Eventually she went to another council planet, (are so I thought!) and me to this universe and earth. To help establish a new defense and combination of carbon bonded genes, along with the sphere. They sent a
guardian, to help as well it could by tutoring me on our long journey to earth. I was the carrier of our seeds.

That must still weigh heavily upon her, that’s why she so protective of me now, her future brood. She wants to establish another hive.

But again they come, the quantum creatures.

As the carrier of the seed, I must hurry and help her to develop and rekindle the powers of her sphere. I will try to re-awaken her dormant talents, to re-teach her.

I, the teacher of the hive, the bearer of
knowledge and wisdom, the carrier of the keys.

She must be strong, she must become a warrior again. Does she not understand, is the vision not clear. Are her repressed talents not re-awakening? I hope, if not I fear. I can’t afford to wait, she must be strong and not delay. Her capacity for the truth is great, the need
is near.

That’s the quality I now see most in her. The brood leadership, that only she process. Her since of defense, her direction, knowing what needs to be done, bang, bang, bang, the decisions come. No
hesitation, always out front, fighting the battles, to protect her future blood.

Yes, now I remember.

God, what a warrior, what a protector! Always going forth, seeking out and making sure, that I would be protected. She gave all, asking for nothing; except that her love return.

“Now leave!”

She exclaim! and they left.

“Let them come and drag me away,
Let them put me in a cage,
Discard the key,
Let them watch as my bone’s decay,

As the flesh begins to rot,
Let stench of death draw near.
Let them break my spirit,
But this they will never take away.

The love I hold for this woman,
That which I hold so dear.


“Each morning when I get up I feel like a bowl of Jell-O, I just can’t control this situation. Don’t get me wrong, I really like this guy, but I can’t control it!”

“That’s where you are making your mistake.” Said the keeper of the keys. “Don’t try to control him, his world is just to deep and great.”

“You’re right, now I see.”

But does she?

Hmmm, not love? Not yet? Do we still have time? They draw near.

The Time loop.

Another cyber attack. They keep trying to destroy this manuscript.

It’s completion.

Who are they? The creatures, are they here? Do people keep disappearing? Has the council decided that we are not ready for the spheres?

Déjà vu, déjà vu, to many déjà vu’s. It’s happening all over again. Was it put there in our future timeline, by the creatures or the council members.

To many coincidences, to many deja vue’s. I’ve been here before, I’ve said that, done that, yes, I can remember. Just as I regain my memories, events start to unfold, everything disappears. The world
dissolves and then re-appears. But instead of being

now, we are back thirty years. It’s got to be a time loop, put there for some reason.

Is it soon. Only my sense of time tells me that it is near. A week, a month, a few years. How can my future wife and I defeat them.

Once again the hive is threaten, the blood.

Was it put there to prevent our union, our joining to help earth creatures? We must hurry. The joining must began and relearn the use of our sphere’s.

If the people rally behind us and put aside their differences, take up the banner of the fight, can we then defeat what they have done to us. Can we change history, join spheres and defeat them? It’s up to
them, the humans we have found.

I fear the events within the next few years will determine this. The strength and encouragement we get from friends and foes, will help determine the out come of this timeline and may help to defeat,
whomever put the time loop there.

Maybe that’s why it is there, to help us gain strength with love, for one another and to go forth, breaking though.

It’s up to the people reading this, their Deja vue’s.

If they
want the future to unfold,

if they want to defeat the creatures,

then they must be bold.

We must prepare and together.

We must rally behind the


The people have rallied, they have spoken, the future is clear. We have broken through! An event was suppose to occur this morning, that would send us back into pass thirty years, but it didn't take place. We have been saved! It was the devotion of her love for me, that broke though. Her love which is great.

Now, on with life and the future looks bright. My wife, my wife...she comes to me, my wife. I must be patient, I must not fear, for indeed our path is clear. The babies, our babies, they are coming, they are near.

The fight begins.........................the re-awakening. It is becoming clear that one fight has been won, but the others are just beginning. Her love for me carried the day, but the night is ruled, by the those who wish to destroy the future.

There are many roadblocks being put up, to stop or reverse what has been done. Our babies are in danger and the need is great, for the people to rally.

Do they not understand the sacrifices that have been, the deeds that should be kept? The future goes on, thanks to my wife, but it is still fragile and could easily be destroyed.

We will see, who rallies behind thee........friends?

Those who believe??

Are will the entrenched enemies try to defeat us. We will see.

Something is not quite right, but I become ill. My finger’s hurt and my elbow is turning into mush. I must step back to heal. I feel a time shift made still be possible, it may be near. It depends upon the people who rally behind the cause. I doubters will do the most damage, the one’s who don’t understand will resist and
stand in our way. But all of this pails into comparison, if the right woman is next to you, giving comfort and
determination. Guidance and acceptance.

The story continues.......

Whispers, oh are there whispers, some I can’t tell
others I dare not even reveal.

Driving home from a short run to town, I called Dj and during the conversation we got on the subject matter of the legal age to get married, in Alaska. She firmly stated that the female must be 18 years old to get married and it wasn’t open for discussion. I remember telling her that she was mistaken. She then responded, “Ok, tell me what age.” I said, according to Alaska law a girl could get married at the age of 14.” “Impossible she exclaim!” She got her legal book and looked up the marital laws. It clearly stated that you had to wait until your 18th birthday, but I told her to go down to where it spoke of the age of consent. Section 171. When I read previous part about having to be 18 to get married, I spoke with God and asked for His guidance. I prayed like never prayed before. He said, “Robert, go deeper and read.” I read and I read, every little word; until I came to section 171. Oh, such beautiful words.

It stated:

AS 25.05.171. Persons Capable of Consenting to Marriage: Minimum Ages, and
Consent of Parents or Guardian.

(a) A person who has reached the age of 16 but is under the age of 18 shall be issued a marriage license if the written consent of the parents, the parent having actual care, custody, and control, or a guardian of the underaged person is filed with the licensing officer issuing the marriage license under AS 25.05.111.

God gave me the patient and love not to give up! He spoked and I obeyed.

When Dj read this section, she couldn’t believe it. All of her life, she had believed that a girl had to wait until she turned 18.

I could hear A/clark in the background saying in an excited voice, “You are my guardian, right?!” “Then according to this, I can get married if you give consent?” Never in my life had I heard a more beautiful and excited voice. A/clark jumping up and down, begging Dj to give her permission to get married, almost on the borderline of estacy and jubilation. Dj
gave her permission and again A/clark jumped upped and down, “I’m getting married, I’m getting married, I am going to be a wife!” “Tell me when, tell me when!” she exclaimed. “Anytime you want silly, it’s up to you.” “He was the only one to discover this law, he had it all figured out, that’s my guy!”

A/clark got the marriage license the next day, as soon as the State office was opened. I heard her saying that she would have to wait until she was 18 and upon hearing this A/clark slammed down the AS paper and exclaimed, “I want my license now!” The state employees read the Alaska Statue and then re-read, they even dug out their own books and there it was, as she said. A/clark got her marriage license that day. God what a woman, what a mother she is going make. She got her license! My future wife.

No date, I’m not even sure if she will come knocking at my door. How long do I pace the carpet?

They say silence in golden, but when you are in love and waiting to get married, it can be beyond golden. We are going to have a good marriage.

I am so over thrilled that Dj and A/c have formed a good solid relationship. I laugh with joy that the two of them can sit together and talk about me. They seem to really enjoy each others company.

I went to the video store the other day and on the way out, heard the mother say to her small boy.
“That’s your father!”

The boy responded, “Where?
That’s him?” pointing to me.
“Why doesn’t he stop and say, hello?”
The mother responded, “He doesn’t know.”
The small child said, “I don’t understand?”


Sorry, my son................ I shall return to claim your lost love.

I left the video store without looking back, the echoes of the child’s last statement, bouncing around in my head. I don’t understand either, but someday all of this will come together.
I think my wife will help to solidify the beginnings of the hive and bring home the stolen seeds, into the hive that she and I will start.
That’s what love does, it brings all the goodness together.

“I want him!” Declared Dj in giggle. “You can’t, he’s mine!” responded A/c. Dj gnawed on A/c’s shoulder and my future wife giggled with delight. The two of them spoke of many things that night and allot was censored. Even I turned red. It was like a mother, talking to her daughter or a father talking to his son, filling them in on the what, when and whys. All offsprings should be so blessed.

This should be an interesting week.

Two weeks later.......

Dj responded to a question I had asked her about dating. "You can't date women. She responded.

You're married!"

"I'm married................when, how, to whom???"

"A/c" ???? I asked,

but she wouldn't answer. Whatever happened to premarital kissing, don't they do that anymore, I wondered. Secrets sealed away for now, to be revealed during the coming weeks. Soon, I pray.

Much has passed during the last two weeks, much has been revealed and shall be remembered. Much is let to be done and the future.............?

The marriage, a new beginning......and.......

the babies, will they come soon?


Ring, ring, ring....
pick up the phone mum.
Pick up the phone, I'm calling.....
I'm calling long distance, so
Pick up the phone mum.......please,
I'm just calling to tell you to please take care..and wait for me....... I'm on the way.........everything will be ok when I get there, but you got to pick up the phone mum!
I got things to tell you, about our love for dad. Pick up the phone mum,
you just got to pick of the phone. I know you'll love me, but you got to pick up the phone mom. This is one call you don't want to miss. Not home I guess, but I will call again mum. Love you,

The people will decide. If they put obstacles in our paths and hinder us from accomplishing our future, the babies future, then I fear for the worse. But, knowing A/c and her power's, I doubt if any obstacle will prevent her from what she desires, motherhood. It is indeed the strongest force in nature, that God has given thee. And that force is strong within A/c, having come from a big family herself. Now she wants to start her own and become a part of that force. The force that wells up in all women, the givers and all men, the protectors.


Without children you have no destiny, no future, but with them all things past, present, and future are possible. They are the givers of joy and happiness, the keepers of the faith that God has given to us all. They are the streams that connect the oceans of faith and make the sorrows of daily living bearable. The children are the bonds that exist between thee, I and God.
Blessed are the children. The dreamers that keep it all God's heart and under His protection.

by R.b.elmore., be continued, after the wedding and before the babies.
Angena'a, Angena'ah, Angena'io and Andrew'a'ah'io........the Chi child.

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