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Saying your heart

I cry in my hollow heart knowing you are gone.
My love, my passion with in, please here of my words, as I pray for them to travel
to you.
Here as I say I'm sorry for not letting you know.
All you wanted was the words and not of the touch.
But saying those words, would only have come if I knew I was in love.
And now after you have gone, I can say them.

Away from my heart and I never knew how much you meant to me.
No one to hold at night to cover my fears.
No one to see and smile for.
No one to kiss as I close my eyes goodnight.
For I was wrong and now I know.

There is nothing I can say to make you come back into my life again.
But only know of this.

That everday I loved you more and more and even thou it was never said.
My dear I truly did love you so.

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