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Why Real Men Prefer Larger Women

Forget Kate Moss, Christy Turlington, Elle MacPherson and all those other 10-foot tall, 10 inch wide supermodels. Forget fashion spreads in magazines featuring chisel-cheeked waifs who wouldn’t look out of place in colony of stick insects. Forget dieting, body wraps, pills, lotions and gruelling exercise programmes. Why? Because there really are a lot of decent, attractive and successful men out there who prefer larger women.

Who was it who first said that “thin is acceptable, fat is not”? No doubt some obese male who hadn’t seen his feet for years.

Even thin women get old, so who on earth would want to be involved with someone as superficial as the guy who said, “You can’t walk a personality down the street.” How could you possibly feel secure in a relationship that revolved around your body image? And of course, you can walk a personality down the street. People with a personality exude an aura without having to open their mouths and without being 3 inches wide. The guy who disputes that probably has less personality than a stuffed animal.

James, 26, a Software Engineer from Reading says, “I’m not saying that big women aren’t concerned about their appearance, but they are not totally consumed like a lot of model look-a-likes are. Larger women focus more on their personalities and emanate a quality that says, ‘Hey, I’m fun to be with, I know how to enjoy life’, as opposed to their thin counterparts who are often afraid to let themselves go in case they put a hair out of place. There’s something so unbelievably sexy about a voluptuous woman with a larger than life personality. Given the choice of Kate Moss or Kate Winslett, I’d choose Kate Winslett any day.”

David, 31, an Art Director from London adds, “To say that only women who are a size 12 or less are beautiful is a fallacy. I don’t find thin women at all sexy. There’s something strangely paedophilic and unnatural about men who prefer women with boy-like physiques. To me, there’s nothing more beautiful than a woman with ample curves. Who wants to cuddle up to a skeleton at night?”

Women were never designed to have figures like adolescent boys, donning androgynous attire, making statements about equality and indirectly expressing the fear of being labelled ‘feminine’.

If women were designed to look like men, Mother Nature would have made the human race hermaphrodites who reproduced asexually.

If thin and shapeless is beautiful, why do so many women opt for breast enlargement? Yes, because most men prefer women to look like women, i.e. with a bit of meat on them. And, far from being attractive to have a skinny body and huge breasts, it looks abnormal and unnatural. If you want large breasts, you need amply proportioned hips to balance the look, yet you never hear of women requesting hips’ enlargement.

Being a woman is not just about having breasts, it means being blessed with the shapely, childbearing buttocks that men find so attractive.

“There’s nothing attractive about a chest that so obviously looks false,” says Darren, 28, a procurement manager from Swindon. “Any bloke who finds breast implants attractive, would be better off nestling up to a lump of silicone at night, because that’s all he’s in love with, not the woman herself.”

Top marks go to larger than average actresses, such as Kate Winslett and Dawn French for example, who are comfortable with their size and who refuse conform to, what the media regard as, the ideal shape or, more accurately, non-shape. Both Kate Winslett and Dawn French are voluptuous, outgoing, funny and amazingly beautiful women. And their confidence with their body image is what makes them both incredibly sexy.

As Rob, 36, a Royal Air Force pilot concludes, “There’s nothing more off-putting than taking a woman out to a nice restaurant and then watching her pick at her food all night, especially when I want to tuck into my food without feeling guilty about the fact that I actually enjoy eating. Generally, if a woman enjoys her food, it’s a sign that she has a good appetite for other things!”

I certainly wouldn’t dispute that!

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