I LOVED FOR FIVE YEARS | By: Kimberly Alcorn | | Category: Short Story - Love Bookmark and Share


Love has been with me for five years.
Love has given me the opportunity to birth not more than once,
then they grow and show more love.
Sometimes it scares me and I don't want to get close or give in
because it changes and it hurts.
I want more for love but it doesn't understand that they can love and
do without me and stop depending on me for love.
Love learns to listen, compromise, and show compassion at a time of need
Love needs and yearns for family but misses the idea of responsibility.
The meaning of L O V E who knows everyone has there special times that
they share and hold.
My love needs to fight and learn to reach and believe for what's inside
the feelings that's within the heart.
Love knows me from the the corner of my mind to the sole of my left foot.
Love looks for me, stare at me can see in my mind and meets with me
and we join together stranger than any might that you can ever dream
Now I will hold on to love if love can hold on to me.
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